Freyr Js

A tool for downloading songs from music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.
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Freyr Js1,12927 days ago7August 08, 202340apache-2.0JavaScript
A tool for downloading songs from music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.
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FreyrJS - connoisseur of music


Download songs from Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

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Built with ❤︎ by Miraculous Owonubi




What freyr does

Depending on the URLs you provide freyr, it will;

  1. Extract track metadata (title, album, artist, etc.) from the streaming service (Spotify if you provide a Spotify URL).
  2. Then, it queries sources (e.g. YouTube), classifies the results to find you the best sounding, most accurate audio and downloads that in the raw format.
  3. Next, it processes each track, encoding them in an Apple AAC format (.m4a file extension) at a default bitrate of 320kbps.
  4. Then, it embeds all the metadata and the album art into each track.
  5. And finally, it organizes all the files into a structured library (example).

Metadata Availability

Here's a list of the metadata that freyr can extract from each streaming service:

Meta Spotify Apple Music Deezer
Track Number
Disk Number
Release Date
Album Artist
Cover Art

Support the project

Donate via

Patreon Donation Liberapay receiving Ko-fi Donation


  • Via Coinbase (BTC, ETH, USDC, LTC, DAI, BCH):

  • Or Directly:

    • BTC: bc1qqe5y9kw7ewne8njdces8e4ajx5u7zhfftdvl33
    • ZEC: zs10awcwm4uwpjr3mxxdwe03fda0j0zn95s4hu3qxlvhfajjw8es98ftmpaava7zh735x9s22pan0l




Hey there, you might want to consider a cleaner and straight-forward installation method, without having to manually setup the requirements. If so, checkout the Docker installation method

python >= v3.2

Download for your individual platforms here

Linux: (check individual package managers)

  • Debian: sudo apt-get install python3.6
  • Arch Linux: sudo pacman -S python
  • Android (Termux): apt install python
  • Alpine Linux: sudo apk add python3
nodejs >= v16.0.0

Download for your individual platforms here

macOS + Linux: nvm recommended.

# install node with this nvm command
# freyr works with a minimum of v16
$ nvm install --lts
  • Android (Termux): apt install nodejs
  • Alpine Linux: sudo apk add nodejs
AtomicParsley >= 20230114

First, download the latest release for your individual platforms here


  • Windows:
    • unzip and place the AtomicParsley.exe in your PATH.
    • or the bins/windows folder of this project directory. Create the folder(s) if they don't exist.
  • Linux + macOS:
    • unzip and place the AtomicParsley in your PATH.
    • or the bins/posix folder of this project directory. Create the folder(s) if they don't exist.
  • Alternatively:
    • Debian: sudo apt-get install atomicparsley
    • Arch Linux: sudo pacman -S atomicparsley
    • Android (Termux): apt install atomicparsley
    • Build from source: See wez/AtomicParsley

Please note that YouTube Music must be available in your region for freyr to successfully work, this is because freyr sources raw audio from YouTube Music.

First start by ensuring all requirements listed above are satisfied. Thereafter, you can use either of these options to install freyr:

  • NPM: npm install -g freyr

  • Yarn: yarn global add freyr

  • Or you can build from source
    git clone freyr
    cd freyr
    % NPM Yarn
    pull dependencies npm install yarn install
    install globally npm link yarn link


For convenience, we provide officially prebuilt images (automated builds from this repository) so you can skip the setup and build process and get right into it.

Image Size: Docker Image Size

Usage (docker)

docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/data freyrcli/freyrjs [options, arguments and queries...]

You can also create a handy alias to skip remembering that whole line everytime

alias freyr='docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/data freyrcli/freyrjs'

The -v $PWD:/data part sets the working directory for freyr to the current working directory. For example, you can use -v ~/Music/freyr:/data to set the work directory and consequently, default save location to ~/Music/freyr.

Please ensure the folder on the host already exists, create it if not. Otherwise, docker autocreates the folder as root and that causes unpleasant Permission Denied issues when you run freyr.

[See Docker Development]

Getting Started


Usage: freyr [options] [query...]
Usage: freyr [options] [subcommand]

[See Service Support].

Show freyr help and list subcommands

freyr --help

Get CLI Help

*The get subcommand is implicit and default.

Usage: freyr [options] get [options] [query...]
Usage: freyr [options] [query...]
freyr get --help
   / __/_______  __  _______
  / /_/ ___/ _ \/ / / / ___/
 / __/ /  /  __/ /_/ / /
/_/ /_/   \___/\__, /_/
              /____/ v0.10.3

freyr - (c) Miraculous Owonubi <[email protected]>
Usage: freyr get [options] [query...]

Download music tracks from queries

  -i, --input <FILE>           use URIs found in the specified FILE as queries (file size limit: 1 MiB)
                               (each query on a new line, use '#' for comments, whitespaces ignored)
                               (example: `-i queue.txt`)
  -b, --bitrate <N>            set audio quality / bitrate for audio encoding
                               (valid: 96,128,160,192,256,320) (default: "320k")
  -n, --chunks <N>             number of concurrent chunk streams with which to download (default: 7)
  -r, --retries <N>            set number of retries for each chunk before giving up
                               (`infinite` for infinite) (default: 10)
  -t, --meta-retries <N>       set number of retries for collating track feeds (`infinite` for infinite) (default: 5)
  -d, --directory <DIR>        save tracks to DIR/..
  -D, --check-dir <DIR>        check if tracks already exist in another DIR (repeatable, optionally comma-separated)
                               (useful if you maintain multiple libraries)
                               (example: `-D dir1 -D dir2 -D dir3,dir4`)
  -c, --cover <NAME>           custom name for the cover art, excluding the extension (default: "cover")
  --cover-size <SIZE>          preferred cover art dimensions
                               (format: <width>x<height> or <size> as <size>x<size>) (default: "640x640")
  -C, --no-cover               skip saving a cover art
  -S, --sources <SERVICE>      specify a preferred audio source or a `,`-separated preference order
                               (valid: youtube,yt_music) (prefix with `!` to exclude) (default: "yt_music")
  -l, --filter <MATCH>         filter matches off patterns (repeatable and optionally `,`-separated)
                               (value omission implies `true` if applicable)
                               (format: <key=value>) (example: title="when we all fall asleep*",type=album)
                               See `freyr help filter` for more information
  -L, --filter-case            enable case sensitivity for glob matches on the filters
  -z, --concurrency <SPEC>     key-value concurrency pairs (repeatable and optionally `,`-separated)
                               (format: <[key=]value>) (key omission implies track concurrency)
                               (valid(key): queries,tracks,trackStage,downloader,encoder,embedder)
                               (example: `queries=2,downloader=4` processes 2 CLI queries,
                               downloads at most 4 tracks concurrently)
  --gapless                    set the gapless playback flag for all tracks
  -f, --force                  force overwrite of existing files
  -o, --config <FILE>          specify alternative configuration file
  -p, --playlist <FILENAME>    create playlist for all successfully collated tracks
  -P, --no-playlist            skip creating a playlist file for collections
  --playlist-dir <DIR>         directory to save playlist file to, if any, (default: tracks base directory)
  --playlist-noappend          do not append to the playlist file, if any exists
  --playlist-noescape          do not escape invalid characters within playlist entries
  --playlist-namespace <SPEC>  namespace to prefix on each track entry, relative to tracks base directory
                               useful for, but not limited to custom (file:// or http://) entries
                               (example, you can prefix with a HTTP domain path: ``)
  --playlist-force-append      force append collection tracks to the playlist file
  -s, --storefront <COUNTRY>   country storefront code (example: us,uk,ru)
  -T, --no-tree                don't organise tracks in directory structure `[DIR/]<ARTIST>/<ALBUM>/<TRACK>`
  --cache-dir <DIR>            specify alternative cache directory
                               `<tmp>` for tempdir, `<cache>` for system cache
  --rm-cache [RM]              remove original downloaded files in cache directory (default: false)
  -m, --mem-cache <SIZE>       max size of bytes to be cached in-memory for each download chunk
  --no-mem-cache               disable in-memory chunk caching (restricts to sequential download)
  --timeout <N>                network inactivity timeout (ms) (default: 10000)
  --no-auth                    skip authentication procedure
  --no-browser                 disable auto-launching of user browser
  --no-net-check               disable internet connection check
  --no-bar                     disable the progress bar
  --atomic-parsley <PATH>      explicit path to the atomic-parsley binary
  --no-stats                   don't show the stats on completion
  --pulsate-bar                show a pulsating bar
  --single-bar                 show a single bar for the download, hide chunk-view
                               (default when number of chunks/segments exceed printable space)
  -h, --help                   show this help information

Environment Variables:
  SHOW_DEBUG_STACK             show extended debug information
  ATOMIC_PARSLEY_PATH          custom AtomicParsley path, alternatively use `--atomic-parsley`

  When downloading playlists, the tracks are downloaded individually into
  their respective folders. However, a m3u8 playlist file is generated in
  the base directory with the name of the playlist that lists the tracks

Download a Spotify track

freyr spotify:track:5FNS5Vj69AhRGJWjhrAd01
   / __/_______  __  _______
  / /_/ ___/ _ \/ / / / ___/
 / __/ /  /  __/ /_/ / /
/_/ /_/   \___/\__, /_/
              /____/ v0.10.3

freyr - (c) Miraculous Owonubi <[email protected]>
Checking directory permissions...[done]
 [•] Identifying service...[Spotify]
 [•] Checking authentication...[unauthenticated]
 [Spotify Login]
  [•] Logging in...[done]
 Detected [track]
 Obtaining track metadata...[done]
  ➤ Title: Slow Dance
  ➤ Album: Slow Dance
  ➤ Artist: AJ Mitchell
  ➤ Year: 2019
  ➤ Playtime: 02:58
 [•] Collating...
 • [01 Slow Dance]
    | ➤ Collating sources...
    |  ➤ [•] YouTube Music...[success, found 1 source]
    | ➤ Awaiting audiofeeds...[done]
    | [✓] Got album art
    | [✓] Got raw track file
    | [•] Post Processing...
 [•] Download Complete
 [•] Embedding Metadata...
  • [✓] 01 Slow Dance
[•] Collation Complete
============ Stats ============
 [•] Runtime: [31.7s]
 [•] Total queries: [01]
 [•] Total tracks: [01]
     » Skipped: [00]
     ✓ Passed:  [01]
     ✕ Failed:  [00]
 [•] Output directory: [.]
 [•] Cover Art: cover.png (640x640)
 [•] Total Output size: 7.30 MB
 [•] Total Network Usage: 3.12 MB
     ♫ Media: 3.02 MB
     ➤ Album Art: 106.76 KB
 [•] Output bitrate: 320k

Download an Apple Music album

   / __/_______  __  _______
  / /_/ ___/ _ \/ / / / ___/
 / __/ /  /  __/ /_/ / /
/_/ /_/   \___/\__, /_/
              /____/ v0.10.3

freyr - (c) Miraculous Owonubi <[email protected]>
Checking directory permissions...[done]
 [•] Identifying service...[Apple Music]
 [•] Checking authentication...[authenticated]
 Detected [album]
 Obtaining album metadata...[done]
  ➤ Album Name: I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry
  ➤ Artist: Sody
  ➤ Tracks: 4
  ➤ Type: Album
  ➤ Year: 2020
  ➤ Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Music
 [•] Collating [I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry]...
  [•] Inquiring tracks...[done]
   • [01 What We Had]
      | ➤ Collating sources...
      |  ➤ [•] YouTube Music...[success, found 4 sources]
      | ➤ Awaiting audiofeeds...[done]
      | [✓] Got album art
      | [✓] Got raw track file
      | [•] Post Processing...
   • [02 Reason To Stay]
      | ➤ Collating sources...
      |  ➤ [•] YouTube Music...[success, found 6 sources]
      | ➤ Awaiting audiofeeds...[done]
      | [✓] Got album art
      | [✓] Got raw track file
      | [•] Post Processing...
   • [03 Nothing Ever Changes]
      | ➤ Collating sources...
      |  ➤ [•] YouTube Music...[success, found 4 sources]
      | ➤ Awaiting audiofeeds...[done]
      | [✓] Got album art
      | [✓] Got raw track file
      | [•] Post Processing...
   • [04 Love's a Waste]
      | ➤ Collating sources...
      |  ➤ [•] YouTube Music...[success, found 4 sources]
      | ➤ Awaiting audiofeeds...[done]
      | [✓] Got album art
      | [✓] Got raw track file
      | [•] Post Processing...
 [•] Download Complete
 [•] Embedding Metadata...
  • [✓] 01 What We Had
  • [✓] 02 Reason To Stay
  • [✓] 03 Nothing Ever Changes
  • [✓] 04 Love's a Waste
[•] Collation Complete
============ Stats ============
 [•] Runtime: [2m 2.3s]
 [•] Total queries: [01]
 [•] Total tracks: [04]
     » Skipped: [00]
     ✓ Passed:  [04]
     ✕ Failed:  [00]
 [•] Output directory: [.]
 [•] Cover Art: cover.png (640x640)
 [•] Total Output size: 29.79 MB
 [•] Total Network Usage: 13.35 MB
     ♫ Media: 12.73 MB
     ➤ Album Art: 619.43 KB
 [•] Output bitrate: 320k

Download a Deezer Artist

   / __/_______  __  _______
  / /_/ ___/ _ \/ / / / ___/
 / __/ /  /  __/ /_/ / /
/_/ /_/   \___/\__, /_/
              /____/ v0.10.3

freyr - (c) Miraculous Owonubi <[email protected]>
Checking directory permissions...[done]
 [•] Identifying service...[Deezer]
 [•] Checking authentication...[authenticated]
 Detected [artist]
 Obtaining artist metadata...[done]
  ➤ Artist: Mazie
  ➤ Followers: 6
  > Gathering collections...[done]
 [•] Collating...
  (01) [i think i wanna be alone] (single)
   [•] Inquiring tracks...[done]
    • [01 i think i wanna be alone]
       | ➤ Collating sources...
       |  ➤ [•] YouTube Music...[success, found 2 sources]
       | ➤ Awaiting audiofeeds...[done]
       | [✓] Got album art
       | [✓] Got raw track file
       | [•] Post Processing...
  (02) [no friends] (single)
   [•] Inquiring tracks...[done]
    • [01 no friends]
       | ➤ Collating sources...
       |  ➤ [•] YouTube Music...[success, found 4 sources]
       | ➤ Awaiting audiofeeds...[done]
       | [✓] Got album art
       | [✓] Got raw track file
       | [•] Post Processing...
 [•] Download Complete
 [•] Embedding Metadata...
  • [✓] 01 i think i wanna be alone
  • [✓] 01 no friends
[•] Collation Complete
============ Stats ============
 [•] Runtime: [54.6s]
 [•] Total queries: [01]
 [•] Total tracks: [02]
     » Skipped: [00]
     ✓ Passed:  [02]
     ✕ Failed:  [00]
 [•] Output directory: [.]
 [•] Cover Art: cover.png (640x640)
 [•] Total Output size: 8.47 MB
 [•] Total Network Usage: 3.66 MB
     ♫ Media: 3.50 MB
     ➤ Album Art: 157.16 KB
 [•] Output bitrate: 320k

Batch downloads

via Arguments

Queries can be collated to be processed at once.

freyr query1 query2 ... queryN
via Batch File

Queries can be batched into a file and loaded all at once with the -i, --input <FILE> flag. Queries should be on separate lines.

Lines starting with a # are treated as comments and ignored. comments can also be inlined with everything following the # character ignored.

# ./queue.txt

# Hailee Steinfeld # (track) Let Me Go # (track) Wrong Direction

# (album) Rina Sawayama
freyr -i ./queue.txt

Use the --help flag to see full usage documentation.


Services can be queried with short URIs containing the type and ID for the resource.

identifier type id
URI Short Tags : track : ~

Use the urify subcommand to parse betweeen URIs and its equivalent URL representation, and vice-versa. Creating freyr-compatible queue output.

freyr urify --no-header --no-logo --no-tag
[+] Urify complete
freyr urify -i queue_of_urls.txt -o queue_of_uris.txt --no-header --no-logo
[+] Urify complete
Successfully written to [queue_of_uris.txt]



  • Multi-service support [See Service Support]
  • Playlist generation (per playlist (default) / per query (optional))
  • Batch download from queue file
  • Simultaneous chunked downloads (powered by [libxget-js])
  • Efficient concurrency
  • Bitrate specification (valid: 96, 128, 160, 192, 256, 320)
  • Album art embedding & export
  • Proper track organisation i.e FOLDER/<Artist Name>/<Album Name>/<Track Name> (example)
  • Resilient visual progressbar per track download (powered by [xprogress])
  • Stats on runtime completion
    • runtime duration
    • number of successfully processed tracks
    • output directory
    • cover art name
    • total output size
    • total network usage
    • network usage for media
    • network usage for album art
    • output bitrate


User / Session specific configuration

Persistent configuration such as authentication keys and their validity period are stored within a session specific configuration file.

This configuration file resides within the user config directory per-platform.

  • $HOME/.config/FreyrCLI/d3fault.x4p for Linux.
  • $HOME/Library/Preferences/FreyrCLI/d3fault.x4p for macOS.
Project specific configuration

All defaults are defined in the conf.json file at the root of the project. This file should be of JSON format and is to be structured as such.

Do not edit this file directly, instead run freyr once and edit the user specific configuration (see above).

  • server: <object> The server URL configuration same as on an individual services' callback option.
    • hostname: <string>
    • port: <number>
    • useHttps: <boolean>
  • concurrency: <object>
    • queries: <number> The number of queries to be processed concurrently.
    • tracks: <number> The number of tracks to be actively processed in parallel.
    • trackStage: <number> The number of tracks to concurrently preprocess before being pushed to the main trackQueue.
    • downloader: <number> The number of tracks to be concurrently downloaded in parallel.
    • encoder: <number> The total number of tracks to be concurrently undergo encoding.
    • embedder: <number> The total number of tracks to be concurrently embedded in parallel.
  • opts: <object>
    • netCheck: <boolean> Whether or not to check network access at program start.
    • attemptAuth: <boolean> Whether or not to process authentication.
    • autoOpenBrowser: <boolean> Whether or not to automatically open user browser.
  • filters: <FilterRules[]> Filter rules each track must match to be downloaded.
  • dirs: <object>
    • output: <string> Default download directory. Default: "."
    • check: <string[]> List of directories to check for existing files. Default: ["."]
    • cache: <object>
      • path: <string> Path to download pre-processed audio to ("<tmp>" for tempdir, "<cache>" for system cache). Default: "<cache>"
      • keep: <string> Whether or not to keep the pre-processed audio. Default: "true"
  • playlist: <object>
    • always: <boolean> Always create playlists for collections and non-collections alike.
    • append: <boolean> Append non-collection tracks onto the playlist file.
    • escape: <boolean> Escape # characters within playlist entries paths.
    • forceAppend: <boolean> Force append collection tracks.
    • dir: <string> Default playlist save directory.
    • namespace: <string> Prefix namespace to prepend to track paths.
  • image: <object|number|string> An object with fields pertaining to an image's properties or a number defining its size. (<width>x<height> or <size> as <size>x<size>)
    • width: <number|string>
    • height: <number|string>
  • downloader: <object>
    • memCache: <boolean> Whether or not to use in-memory caching for download chunks.
    • cacheSize: <number> Maximum size of bytes to be cached per download.
    • sources: <array> Service download sources order.
      • Freyr would check these download sources in the order which they are defined. Failure to get a query from a source would try the next available source. You can exclude a source by prefixing it with a ! character.
      • supported: youtube, yt_music
      • default: [ "yt_music", "youtube" ]
  • services: <ServiceConfiguration: object>
Example JSON
  "server": {
    "hostname": "localhost",
    "port": 36346,
    "useHttps": false
  "image": {
    "width": 640,
    "height": 640
  "services": {
    "spotify": {
      "clientId": "CLIENT_ID",
      "clientSecret": "CLIENT_SECRET",
      "refreshToken": "OPTIONAL_REFRESH_TOKEN"
    "apple_music": {
      "storefront": "us"
    "deezer": {
      "retries": 5

Service Configuration

The conf.json file already includes some API tokens for service authentication and should work right out of the box. [See Project specific configuration]

  • spotify: <object>
    • clientId: <string>
    • clientSecret: <string>
    • refreshToken: <string>

Spotify requires a clientId and a clientSecret that can be gotten from their developer dashboard.

If you wish to create and use custom keys, [See Spotify API Authorization].

An optional refreshToken option can be defined which can be used to authenticate a session without necessarily requesting explicit permissions. The refreshToken is already bound to a pre-authenticated account.

An invalid refreshToken, when specified, would fallback to requesting account access which in-turn would request re-authentication of the users' account.

Spotify API Authorization

  1. Sign in to the Spotify Dashboard
  2. Click CREATE A CLIENT ID and create an app
  3. Now click Edit Settings
  4. Add http://localhost:36346/callback to the Redirect URIs
  5. Include the clientId and the clientSecret from the dashboard in the spotify object that is a property of the services object of the conf.json file. [See Configuration]
  6. You are now ready to authenticate with Spotify!
Apple Music
  • apple_music: <object>
    • storefront: <string>
    • developerToken: <string>

Freyr would automatically fetch a developer token from the Apple Music site, which should suffice for all intents and purposes. But if you prefer to use a custom developer token, please refer to the Apple Music documentation on this topic.

The storefront option defines the default storefront to be used in the absence of a specification.

Apple Music API Authorization

[See Apple Music API: Getting Keys and Creating Tokens]

After successfully acquiring the developer token, include the developerToken to the apple_music object that's a property of the services object in the conf.json file. [See Configuration]

An expired developer token in the conf.json would make freyr fallback to fetching it from the Apple Music site.

  • deezer: <object>
    • retries: <number>

Authentication unrequired. API is freely accessible.

Because of the 50 requests / 5 seconds limit enforced on an IP-basis for Deezer's API [See #32], occasionally a Quota limit exceeded error would be thrown by the API server.

To combat this, freyr employs request batching, managed delays and finally, retries when things go awry.

You can configure how many retries you want freyr to make before accepting failure.

Return Codes

  • 0: OK
  • 1: Invalid query
  • 2: Invalid flag value
  • 3: Invalid / Inexistent configuration file
  • 4: Network error
  • 5: Error with working directory
  • 6: Failed to initialize a freyr instance
  • 7: An error occurred checking dependency paths


Filter rules each to be matched against the tracks involved in any operation.

Used as values to the -l, --filter flag or as key-value pairs in the filters array of the configuration file.

key syntax description examples
id glob Resource ID id=1497949287, id=*149
uri glob Resource URI uri="*:+(track|album):*"
title glob Track title title="all*good girls*hell"
album glob Track album album="when we*fall*do we go*"
artist glob Match an artist artist="Billie*"
trackn Numeric Range Match a track number range trackn="2..5", trackn="4..=5"
type Static album | single | compilation type=single
duration Timed Range Track duration duration="3s..", duration="2:30..3:00", duration="..=3m"
explicit Static true | false | inoffensive explicit=true, explicit=inoffensive
album_artist glob Album artist album_artist="Billie Eilish"
isrc glob Track ISRC isrc=USUM71900766
label glob Record label label="*Interscope*"
year Numeric Range Release year year=2019, year=2018..2020
diskn Numeric Range Disk number diskn=1
ntracks Numeric Range Number of tracks in the album ntracks=10..=14


Syntax: [a][..][[=]b]

Spec Match Representation
.. -∞ ... ∞ x
3..7 3, 4, 5, 6 7 > x ≥ 3
3..=7 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 7 ≥ x ≥ 3
..3 -∞ ... 0, 1, 2 3 > x
..=3 -∞ ... 1, 2, 3 3 ≥ x
5.. 5, 6, 7 ... ∞ x ≥ 5

Timed Ranges

Examples: duration=60s..=3:40

Metric Values
Seconds 30, 30s, 00:30
Minutes 120, 120s, 02:00
Hours 5400, 5400s, 01:30

Previewing filter representation

To preview filter rules specification, use the filter subcommand.

freyr filter title="all*good girls*hell",artist="*eilish",trackn="4..=5" --no-header --no-logo
    "query": "*",
    "filters": {
      "title": "all*good girls*hell",
      "artist": "*eilish",
      "trackn": "4..=5"

Service Support

Service Track Album Artist Playlist URI Short Tags
Spotify spotify:
Apple Music apple_music:
Deezer deezer:
YouTube Music (See #6)
Tidal (See #33)
Short Service URI Examples
Service Resource Type URIS
Spotify track URL
URI spotify:track:127QTOFJsJQp5LbJbu3A1y
album URL
URI spotify:album:623PL2MBg50Br5dLXC9E9e
artist URL
URI spotify:artist:6M2wZ9GZgrQXHCFfjv46we
playlist URL
URI spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1DXcBWIGoYBM5M
Apple Music track URL
URI apple_music:track:1510821685
URI apple_music:track:1510821685
album URL
URI apple_music:album:1493581254
artist URL
URI apple_music:artist:412778295
playlist URL
URI apple_music:playlist:pl.f4d106fed2bd41149aaacabb233eb5eb
Deezer track URL
URI deezer:track:642674232
album URL
URI deezer:album:99687992
artist URL
URI deezer:artist:5340439
playlist URL
URI deezer:playlist:1963962142


Manually Building

Feel free to clone and use in adherance to the license. Pull requests are very much welcome.

git clone freyr
cd freyr
  • If using NPM:

    npm install
    # to have access to the freyr command globally
    npm link
  • If using Yarn:

    yarn install
    # to have access to the freyr command globally
    yarn link


Freyr comes bundled with a lightweight test suite. See for instructions on how to run it.

Docker Development

With docker, you can drop into a sandbox that has all the dependencies you need. Without needing to mess around with your host system or install any weird dependencies.

First, you need to either build a local docker image or submit a PR and use the corresponding auto-generated image.

Building A Local Image

The default provided Dockerfile builds minimal alpine images. Average build network usage is ~ 80 MB and disk usage is ~ 180 MB.

git clone freyr
cd freyr
docker build -t freyr-dev .

Working With Remote Images

An alternative to building the docker image locally is to use a remote image. By default, all PRs submitted to this repository get an equivalently tagged docker image for testing.

For example, the PR #214 has a docker image called freyrcli/freyrjs-git:pr-214. And it stays updated with the current state of the branch.

You can then pull the development image for use locally.

docker pull freyrcli/freyrjs-git:pr-214

Once you have a built development image locally, you're ready to go. You can drop into the container by explicitly defining the entrypoint

docker run -it --entrypoint bash freyr-dev

# Alternatively, create a handy alias
alias freyrsh='docker run -it --entrypoint bash freyr-dev'

*: don't forget to replace freyr-dev with the appropriate image name if you pulled one of the auto-generated remote images.

Optionally, you can use these interesting flags to customize the experience.

  • -h freyr-dev sets the container hostname to freyr-dev
  • -m 1G sets the container memory limit
  • -v $PWD:/data mounts the current working directory to /data within the container.
  • --cpus 2 limits the container to using 2 CPU cores

The freyr source would be available in the /freyr directory within the container along with a globally registered command freyr for calling the script.

For more information and documentation about docker, please refer to its official site:


Apache 2.0 © Miraculous Owonubi (@miraclx) <[email protected]>

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