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Downloads songs from your Spotify Playlist
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Spotify Downloader11,17222a day ago64June 27, 202212mitPython
Download your Spotify playlists and songs along with album art and metadata (from YouTube if a match is found).
5 days ago1,502gpl-3.0Kotlin
Kotlin Multiplatform Music Downloader, Supports Spotify / Gaana / Youtube Music / Jio Saavn / SoundCloud. NOTE: BEING REWRITTEN, SO STAY TUNED.
Mopidy7,654210783 days ago79April 28, 2022201apache-2.0Python
Mopidy is an extensible music server written in Python
5 days ago100mitRust
Fast and multi-platform Spotify client with native GUI
a day ago37September 17, 202285bsd-2-clauseRust
Cross-platform ncurses Spotify client written in Rust, inspired by ncmpc and the likes.
Spotify Web Api Node2,772852923 months ago50January 24, 2021157mitJavaScript
A Node.js wrapper for Spotify's Web API.
20 days ago25mitJavaScript
Export/Backup Spotify playlists using the Web API
Spotify Web Api Js1,74922210a month ago30October 12, 202123mitTypeScript
A client-side JS wrapper for the Spotify Web API
Spotifyapi Net1,2721226 days ago34September 28, 202114mitC#
:sound: A Client for the Spotify Web API, written in C#/.NET
Spotify Dl1,264
12 days ago31April 19, 202229mitPython
Downloads songs from your Spotify Playlist
Alternatives To Spotify Dl
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Downloads songs from any Spotify playlist, album or track.

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Tell me more!

I wanted an easy way to grab the songs present in my library so I can download it & use it offline. I no longer use this, but continue to maintain this. spotify-dl doesn't download anything from Spotify. It picks up the metadata from Spotify API and then uses yt-dlp to download the song.

How do I get this thing running?

Install using pip

pip3 install spotify_dl

Run the program

spotify_dl -l spotify_playlist_link_1 spotify_playlist_link_2

If you want to make use of parallel download, pass -mc <number>, where <number> refers to number of cores. If this is too high, spotify-dl will set it to one lesser than max number of cores that you have.

spotify_dl -mc 4 -l spotify_playlist_link_1 spotify_playlist_link_2

Spotify-dl can make use of SponsorBlock and skip non-music sections when downloading from YouTube. This is disabled by default and can be enabled using:

    spotify_dl -l spotify_playlist_link_1 -s y

For running in verbose mode, append -V

spotify_dl -V -l spotify_playlist_link -o download_directory

For more details and other arguments, issue -h

spotify_dl -h

See the getting started guide for more details.



Contributing and Local development

Pull requests and any contributions are always welcome. Please open an issue with your proposal before you start with something.

Running tests

Tests are setup and run with pytest, run

make tests

to run the tests with Make

Thanks and Credits

Take a look at CONTRIBUTORS for a list of all people who have helped and contributed to the project.

Issues, Feedback, Contact details

Feel free to raise any bugs/issues under Github issues. Pull requests are also more than welcome.

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