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a day ago20July 26, 20224bsd-2-clauseC
n³ The unorthodox terminal file manager
2 hours ago68September 21, 2022318mitJavaScript
📻Terminal/ssh/telnet/serialport/sftp client(linux, mac, win)
Lf5,65313 days ago41April 25, 2021200mitGo
Terminal file manager
a month ago1March 03, 202157mitShell
📁 A simple file manager written in bash.
5 days ago124September 11, 20229mitRust
A hackable, minimal, fast TUI file explorer
5 hours ago243gpl-2.0C
Linux port of FAR v2
a month ago1lgpl-3.0Python
ssh rdp vnc telnet sftp bastion/jump web putty xshell terminal jumpserver audit realtime monitor rz/sz 堡垒机 云桌面 linux devops sftp websocket file management rz/sz otp 自动化运维 审计 录像 文件管理 sftp上传 实时监控 录像回放 网页版rz/sz上传下载/动态口令 django
20 days ago3July 08, 202231lgpl-3.0Rust
ranger-like terminal file manager written in Rust
15 hours ago11gpl-2.0C
The shell-like, command line terminal file manager: simple, fast, extensible, and lightweight as hell
7 months ago2bsd-2-clauseVim Script
File manager for vim/neovim powered by n³
Alternatives To Vim Gtfo
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gtfo.vim 👉

Opens the file manager or terminal at the directory of the current file in Vim.



  • gof: Go to the directory of the current file in the File manager
    • goF: Go to the working directory (:pwd)
  • got: Go to the directory of the current file in the Terminal
    • goT: Go to the working directory (:pwd)


  • g:gtfo#terminals Optional dictionary with one or more of the following keys: win, mac, unix

    The g:gtfo#terminals.<key> value is the name (or absolute path) of a terminal program followed by the necessary flags (-e, /k, etc.) for executing a command on startup.

    Special case (OS X): To use iTerm instead of, use the special value "iterm":

    let g:gtfo#terminals = { 'mac': 'iterm' }

Platform Support

  • tmux: got opens a new tmux pane.
  • mintty (Git-for-Windows, Cygwin, etc.): got opens a new mintty console.
  • Windows
    • gof opens Windows Explorer.
    • got opens g:gtfo#terminals['win'] or the first terminal it can find: "Git bash", mintty, or cmd.exe.
    • To use powershell:
      let g:gtfo#terminals = { 'win': 'powershell -NoLogo -NoExit -Command' }
    • To use ye olde cmd.exe:
      let g:gtfo#terminals = { 'win': 'cmd.exe /k' }
  • Mac OS X
    • gof opens Finder.
    • got opens unless Vim is running in iTerm or g:gtfo#terminals['mac'] is set.
      To force iTerm (special case, see [above][#settings]):
      let g:gtfo#terminals = { 'mac': 'iterm' }
  • Unix
    • gof opens the file manager dictated by xdg-open.
    • got opens $SHELL inside gnome-terminal unless g:gtfo#terminals['unix'] is set.
      • To use termite:
        let g:gtfo#terminals = { 'unix': 'termite -d' }
      • To use rxvt-unicode:
        let g:gtfo#terminals = { 'unix': 'urxvt -cd' }


  • Pathogen
    • cd ~/.vim/bundle && git clone git://
  • vim-plug
    1. Add Plug 'justinmk/vim-gtfo' to .vimrc
    2. Run :PlugInstall


got (or gof) doesn't work

Try :verbose map gof to see if some other plugin is using that mapping.

On Linux without a gui, gof does nothing, or launches w3m

xdg-open defaults to w3m if no GUI is available (eg, in ssh or tty console). To change the default: xdg-mime default application/x-directory foo



Copyright © Justin M. Keyes. MIT license.

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