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This is a work in progress. Use at your own risk.

lf (as in "list files") is a terminal file manager written in Go with a heavy inspiration from ranger file manager. See faq for more information and tutorial for a gentle introduction with screencasts.

multicol-screenshot singlecol-screenshot


  • Cross-platform (Linux, macOS, BSDs, Windows)
  • Single binary without any runtime dependencies
  • Fast startup and low memory footprint due to native code and static binaries
  • Asynchronous IO operations to avoid UI locking
  • Server/client architecture and remote commands to manage multiple instances
  • Extendable and configurable with shell commands
  • Customizable keybindings (vi and readline defaults)
  • A reasonable set of other features (see the documentation)


  • Tabs or windows (better handled by window manager or terminal multiplexer)
  • Builtin pager/editor (better handled by your pager/editor of choice)


See packages for community maintained packages.

See releases for pre-built binaries.

Building from the source requires Go.

On Unix (Go version < 1.17):

env CGO_ENABLED=0 GO111MODULE=on go get -u -ldflags="-s -w"

On Unix (Go version >= 1.17):

env CGO_ENABLED=0 go install -ldflags="-s -w"[email protected]

On Windows cmd (Go version < 1.17):

set GO111MODULE=on
go get -u -ldflags="-s -w"

On Windows cmd (Go version >= 1.17):

go install -ldflags="-s -w"[email protected]

On Windows powershell (Go version < 1.17):

$env:CGO_ENABLED = '0'
$env:GO111MODULE = 'on'
go get -u -ldflags="-s -w"

On Windows powershell (Go version >= 1.17):

$env:CGO_ENABLED = '0'
go install -ldflags="-s -w"[email protected]


After the installation lf command should start the application in the current directory.

Run lf -help to see command line options.

Run lf -doc to see the documentation.

See etc directory to integrate lf to your shell and/or editor. Example configuration files along with example colors and icons files can also be found in this directory.

See integrations to integrate lf to other tools.

See tips for more examples.


See contributing for guidelines.

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