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[For the graphical Rust version, see Acolyte.]


A procedurally generated RPG inspired by Rogue and written in Pony.

This is a work in progress but you can currently play complete games. Because everything is procedurally generated, it's a different game every time.

NOTE: Novitiate is currently tested with ponyc v0.24.0. It may break with earlier or later ponyc releases.


Novitiate Instructions

Novitiate is played from the terminal.

The object of the game is to find the Staff of Eternity.


NORMAL MODE (moving around map):
<arrows> - movement / attack (collide with enemy)
h - (h)elp
. - wait (turn passes without action)
l - enter LOOK MODE (inspect tiles from a distance)
v - enter VIEW MODE (jump around map)
t - (t)ake item on tile
> - descend stairs
< - ascend stairs 
<enter> - inspect tile you're on (and see item type)
q - quit

LOOK MODE (inspect objects around map):
<arrows> - move look cursor
enter - look at highlighted tile
l - return to NORMAL MODE
<esc> - return to NORMAL MODE

VIEW MODE (rapidly look around map):
<arrows> - jump view by partial screen
v - return to NORMAL MODE
<esc> - return to NORMAL MODE

<arrows> - move through items
enter - equip weapon or armor / drink potion / use misc item 
l - (l)ook at item
d - (d)rop item
i - return to NORMAL MODE
<esc> - return to NORMAL MODE


@ - the novitiate
[a-z,A-Z] - beings of all kinds
# - wall
% - weapon or armor
! - potion
$ - cold, hard cash
> - descending stairs
< - ascending stairs 
? - who knows!


Currently, Novitiate is only supported on OSX, though it should work on at least some Linux distros.

Install via homebrew

Installing via homebrew is easy. Just run the following commands:

brew tap jtfmumm/tap
brew install acolyte

I need to update the tap to reflect the new name, but in the meantime you can run the game by following the above instructions and running acolyte.

Building on Mac OS X

If you don't use homebrew or you'd rather build from source, you can follow these instructions. You'll need to install the Pony compiler as part of this process.

Building ponyc

You'll need llvm 3.7.1 or 3.8.1 and the pcre2 library to build Pony. You can use either homebrew or MacPorts to install these dependencies.

Get Dependencies via Homebrew

Installation via homebrew:

$ brew update
$ brew install homebrew/versions/llvm38 pcre2 libressl
Get Dependencies via MacPorts

Installation via MacPorts:

$ sudo port install llvm-3.8 pcre2 libressl
$ sudo port select --set llvm mp-llvm-3.8
Install compiler

Clone the ponyc repo and install the compiler (Novitiate is tested with ponyc v0.14.0):

git clone
cd ponyc
git checkout 0.14.0
make config=release install

Building Novitiate

git clone
cd novitiate
chmod +x novitiate


Your terminal must have dimensions of at least 99x31 to run the game properly.

Assuming you've set execute permissions (e.g. via chmod +x novitiate), you can run the game with the following command:


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