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Synology Cloudflare DDNS Script 📜

The is a script to be used to add Cloudflare as a DDNS to Synology NAS. The script used an updated API, Cloudflare API v4.

How to use

Access Synology via SSH

  1. Login to your DSM
  2. Go to Control Panel > Terminal & SNMP > Enable SSH service
  3. Use your client to access Synology via SSH.
  4. Use your Synology admin account to connect.

Run commands in Synology

  1. Download from this repository to /sbin/
wget -O /sbin/

It is not a must, you can put I whatever you want. If you put the script in other name or path, make sure you use the right path.

  1. Give others execute permission
chmod +x /sbin/
  1. Add to Synology
cat >> /etc.defaults/ddns_provider.conf << 'EOF'

queryurl does not matter because we are going to use our script but it is needed.

Get Cloudflare parameters

  1. Go to your domain overview page and copy your zone ID.
  2. Go to your profile > API Tokens > Create Token. It should have the permissions of Zone > DNS > Edit. Copy the api token.

Setup DDNS

  1. Login to your DSM
  2. Go to Control Panel > External Access > DDNS > Add
  3. Enter the following:
    • Service provider: Cloudflare
    • Hostname:
    • Username/Email: <Zone ID>
    • Password Key: <API Token>

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