🌩「自选优选 IP」测试 Cloudflare CDN 延迟和速度,获取最快 IP !当然也支持其他 CDN / 网站 IP ~
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6 months ago18gpl-3.0Go
🌩「自选优选 IP」测试 Cloudflare CDN 延迟和速度,获取最快 IP !当然也支持其他 CDN / 网站 IP ~
9 months ago7September 11, 20236mitJavaScript
Component to perform network speed tests against Cloudflare's edge network
Worker Speedtest Template187
10 months ago22JavaScript
Cloudflare Ip Tester152
3 years agoJavaScript
Cloudflare IP Batch Test Tool including HTTP respond time, region detection and download speed test
Cloudflarespeedtest Rust25
a year ago3agpl-3.0Rust
测试 Cloudflare CDN 延迟、真实延迟和下载速度,获取最快 IP (IPv4),不访问第三方服务器 / Test ping, real delay and download speed of Cloudflare CDN Nodes to get the fastest IP (IPv4), without accessing any third-party servers.
Cloudflare Dynamic Best21
a year agomitRust
Automatically select the best Cloudflare IP for your Cloudflare DNS record
Cf Speedtest18
a year ago3January 03, 2021mitPython
A command-line internet speed test tool
Clash Speedtest17
7 months ago5June 16, 2022apache-2.0Go
clash speedtest
Cf Speedtester13
10 months ago6September 17, 20231mitGo
A golang library to use cloudflare speed test function. use it in your own golang project(一个使用cloudflare ip速度测试功能的golang库。可以在自己的golang项目中使用)
Universal Speedtest1022 years ago6June 24, 20212gpl-3.0TypeScript
This library allows you to test the speed of the Internet using several test sites.
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