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Variety of angular demos are contained herein.

Opinionated AngularJS style guide for teams by @john_papa

More details about the styles and patterns used in these apps can be found in my AngularJS Style Guide and my AngularJS Patterns: Clean Code(coming soon) course at Pluralsight and working in teams.


Demonstrates use of grunt and gulp with an angular app.

  • grunt
  • gulp


Starter template for Angular apps. All client side javascript using Angular for routing, animation, and basic CSS theming.


Demonstrates how to distribute an app across several modules, including handling the routing, testing, gulp automation and more.


Larger app running a fictitious event named "CodeCamper".

##ng-1.3 playground Simple demos for ng 1.3 features.

  • ng-model-options="{ debounce: 1000, updateOn: 'blur' }"


JSON Web Tokens (JWT) in an AngularJS app, to demonstrate how to use the JWT for restricting API access.


Simple Angular demos

  • data binding
  • routing
  • repeat
  • filter
  • $http
  • service/factory


Demonstrates how to talk to Azure Mobile Services via a single todo list.

  • Changesets and change state (Added, Deleted, Udpated)
  • Talking Azure Mobile Services
  • Saving changesets to local storage
  • Hand written metadata for breeze


Throws a switch from using Web API / EF metadata to using hand written client side metadata

  • Toggle between EF metadata and hand written metadata for breeze


Pizza ordering service using MEAN stack. Data is structured in a document fashion, not SQL shoved in MongoDB.

  • node.js
  • mongodb using true document structure
  • express
  • breeze
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