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fixed_point Numerics Library

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Notice: This library is deprecated. Please consider switching to CNL, the successor to fixed_point for many new features and improvements.


The fixed_point library provides a header-only C++11 API for approximating real numbers using binary fixed-point arithmetic. It forms the reference implementation of a standard library proposal presented in paper, P0037 and is developed as part of study groups, SG14 and SG6.


The library is hosted on GitHub:

$ git clone

The API is exposed through headers in the include directory. Add this to your system header list and include, e.g.:

#include <sg14/fixed_point>

Tests and Benchmarks


Tested on Travis (Ubuntu 14.04) using GCC 5.4 and Clang 3.5 and Debian GNU/Linux 8.3 using GCC 5.4 and Clang 3.5.0.



  • Boost - facilitates multiprecision support
  • Doxygen - generates documentation in the doc/gh-pages directory
  • pandoc - generates proposal papers

For a list of configuration options:

$ cmake -LH

To build everything:

$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
$ make

To disable exception handling (incompatible with Boost 1.55 or lower), add -DEXCEPTIONS=OFF to the cmake command:

$ make

To run tests:

$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
$ make fp_test
$ ./fp_test

To run benchmarks:

$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
$ make fp_benchmark
$ ./fp_benchmark

To profile benchmarks:

  1. Build with frame pointers included:

    $ make fp_benchmark
    $ ./fp_benchmark
  2. then run:

    $ perf record -g ./fp_benchmark
    $ perf report -g 'graph,0.5,caller'

To install:

$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
$ make
$ sudo make install


Tested on AppVeyor and on Windows 10 Professional with CMake 3.8.0. Requires:

  • MSBuild 15.0 (VS 2017)
  • CMake 3.8.0

To build vs/Release/fp_test.exe and vs/Release/fp_benchmark.exe:

cmake -G "Visual Studio 15 2017" .
MSBuild.exe /m fixed_point.sln /p:Configuration=Release

For 64-bit builds, append Win64 to the -G option above:

cmake -G "Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64" .

Note that fp_benchmark is unlikely to produce valid results due to missing escape and clobber functions.


To clean the project files:

git clean -Xdff .

(Use with caution!)

Further Reading

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All feedback greatly appreciated.

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