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Grid Plugin

An UE4 plugin for grid-based game


  • Support square and hexagon grid
  • Support multi-level grid
  • Grid-based pathfinding and movement
  • Multiple grid rendering method: Decal and Outline(XCom2-like)
  • Grid sensing component [1]
  • Blueprint support
  • Editor integration
  • Customizable classes
  • PathGuide for rendering path


  • Set pawn's default controller to AAIController or its subclass [2]
  • Add UGridNavigationComponent to your pawn [3]
  • Add UGridSensingComponent to your pawn (optional)
  • Spawn GridManager at game startup [4]
  • Write game logic

Customizable Classes

  • UGridInfo: inherit from this class to add game-specific information
  • USquarePathFinder and UHexagonPathFinder: customize pathfinding logic
  • UGridNavigationAgent: inherit from this class to implement special movement, e.g.: jump, climb and so on
  • UGridPainter: customize grid rendering [5]


  1. Clone this project to ${YourProject}/Plugins/
  2. Generate project file
  3. Compile


[1] plus a component visualizer for debug and level design
[2] we need it to implement default grid-based movement
[3] if you have custom UGridNavigationAgent, add it to Component's 'AgentClasses'
[4] if you have custom class, set it properly in spawn parameter
[5] Default is UGridDecalPainter which using decal component to rendering grid

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