普洱TS!Write your game with TypeScript in UE or Unity. PuerTS can be pronounced as pu-erh TS
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4 hours ago171otherC++
普洱TS!Write your game with TypeScript in UE or Unity. PuerTS can be pronounced as pu-erh TS
React Unity Webgl1,4401032 days ago102June 15, 202215apache-2.0TypeScript
React Unity WebGL provides a modern solution for embedding Unity WebGL builds in your React Application while providing advanced APIs for two way communication and interaction between Unity and React.
3 hours ago73mitJavaScript
LayaAir is an open-source 2D/3D engine. LayaAir Engine is designed for high performance games.LayaAir support TypeScript and JavaScript、ActionScript 3.0 programming language.Can develop once, publish for multi platform.
Unity Builder679
4 days ago48mitTypeScript
Build Unity projects for different platforms
2 months ago40otherTypeScript
Free, Cross-Platform, GPU-Accelerated Procedural Texture Generator
Needle Engine Support493
2 hours ago20October 24, 202213JavaScript
Needle Engine is a web-based runtime for 3D apps. It runs on your machine for development, and can be deployed anywhere. It is flexible, extensible and includes networking and XR - across platforms. Documentation at https://docs.needle.tools
Linux Window Session Manager322
1a year ago71March 06, 202115mitTypeScript
A tool to store and reload open windows and window positions for x11 desktops like unity and gnome.
Unity Test Runner152
2 days ago22mitTypeScript
Run tests for any Unity project
a month ago28mitTypeScript
📚 Documentation for GameCI open source projects
Unity Azure Pipelines Tasks116
22 days ago35mitTypeScript
Azure DevOps extension adding tools to build and deploy Unity 3D projects using Azure Pipelines
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PuerTS is a TypeScript programming solution within game engines. | PuerTS是游戏引擎下的TypeScript编程解决方案

  • provides a JavaScript Runtime | 提供了一个JavaScript运行时

  • allows TypeScript to access the host engine by including: | 提供通过TypeScript访问宿主引擎的能力,包括:

    • module-binding on the JavaScript level | JavaScript层面的绑定
    • TypeScript declarations generation | TypeScript声明文件生成


  • Facililates game building processes by combining JavaScript ecosystem with the rendering power of professional game engines
  • JavaScript生态有众多的库和工具链,结合专业商业引擎的渲染能力,快速打造游戏
  • In contrast to lua script, TypeScript supports static type checking, which significantly improves code robustness and maintainability.
  • 相比游戏领域常用的lua脚本,TypeScript的静态类型检查有助于编写更健壮,可维护性更好的程序
  • High efficiency: supports reflection binding throughout the platform (engine) - no extra steps (code generation) needed for development.
  • 高效:全引擎,全平台支持反射Binding,无需额外(生成代码)步骤即可开发
  • High performance:supports static binding throughout the platform (engine) - takes care of complex scenes
  • 高性能:全引擎,全平台支持静态Binding,兼顾了高性能的场景
  • Talented WebGL Support: huge advantage in performance and dev efficiency compare to Lua.
  • WebGL平台下的天生优势:相比Lua脚本在WebGL版本的表现,PuerTS在性能和效率上都有极大提升。

Documentation | 官方文档

FAQ | 常见问题

How to Install | 最新版本安装


Known issues | 已知问题与解决办法

Avaliable on these Engine | 引擎

  • unreal engine 4.22 ~ latest

  • unity 5 ~ latest

  • Any .net project | 任意.net环境

Available on these Platform | 平台

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Macos

Ask for help | 技术支持


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