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Git Aware Prompt

Working with Git and its great branching/merging features is amazing. Constantly switching branches can be confusing though as you have to run git status to see which branch you're currently on.

The solution to this is to have your terminal prompt display the current branch. There's a number of articles available online about how to achieve this. This project is an attempt to make an easy to install/configure solution.


If you cd to a Git working directory, you will see the current Git branch name displayed in your terminal prompt. When you're not in a Git working directory, your prompt works like normal.

Git Branch in Prompt


Clone the project to a .bash folder in your home directory:

mkdir ~/.bash
cd ~/.bash
git clone

Edit your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc (for Ubuntu) and add the following to the top:

export GITAWAREPROMPT=~/.bash/git-aware-prompt


Once installed, there will be new $git_branch and $git_dirty variables available to use in the PS1 environment variable, along with a number of color helper variables which you can see a list of in

If you want to know more about how to customize your prompt, I recommend this article: How to: Change / Setup bash custom prompt (PS1)

Suggested Prompts

Below are a few suggested prompt configurations. Simply paste the code at the end of the same file you pasted the installation code into earlier.

Mac OS X

export PS1="\[email protected]\h \W \[\$txtcyn\]\$git_branch\[\$txtred\]\$git_dirty\[\$txtrst\]\$ "

Optionally, if you want a nice pretty prompt when using sudo -s, also add this line:

export SUDO_PS1="\[$bakred\]\[email protected]\h\[$txtrst\] \w\$ "



export PS1="\${debian_chroot:+(\$debian_chroot)}\[email protected]\h:\w \[$txtcyn\]\$git_branch\[$txtred\]\$git_dirty\[$txtrst\]\$ "


export PS1="\${debian_chroot:+(\$debian_chroot)}\[\033[01;32m\]\[email protected]\h\[\033[00m\]:\[\033[01;34m\]\w\[\033[00m\] \[$txtcyn\]\$git_branch\[$txtred\]\$git_dirty\[$txtrst\]\$ "


export PS1="\[\033]0;$MSYSTEM:\w\007\033[32m\]\[email protected]\h:\[\033[33m\w \[$txtcyn\]\$git_branch\[$txtred\]\$git_dirty\[$txtrst\]\033[0m\]\$ "


Assuming you followed the default installation instructions and cloned this repo to ~/.bash/git-aware-prompt:

cd ~/.bash/git-aware-prompt
git pull

Usage Tips

To view other user's tips, please check the Usage Tips wiki page. Or if you have tips of your own, feel free to add them :)


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