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  • vscode-jest Works out of the box Jest based testing in VS Code.
  • wallaby The pinnacle of the idea of a test runner integrated into an editor.
  • coc-jest Jest plugin for coc.nvim.
  • jester A Neovim plugin to easily run and debug Jest tests.




Results Processors



  • jest-it-up Automatically bump up global thresholds whenever coverage goes above them.
  • jest-coverage-thresholds-bumper Similar to jest-it-up, but allows to specify where coverage summary is located, supports Jest config in JSON files and package.json.


  • snapshot-diff Takes two values, and return their difference as a string, ready to be snapshotted with toMatchSnapshot(). Especially helpful when testing the difference between different React component states.
  • jest-snapshots-svg Take a React component tree, and render it into an SVG.
  • jest-image-snapshot Take a snapshot test of an image buffer, and catch when the image changes over a threshold. Commonly used for visual regression testing.
  • enzyme-to-json Convert Enzyme wrappers to a format compatible with Jest snapshot testing.
  • jest-styled-components A set of utilities for testing Styled Components with Jest.
  • jest-img-snapshot Image snapshot comparison using pixelmatch with all Jest's snapshot goodies out of the box.
  • jest-file-snapshot Write snapshots to a separate file instead of the default snapshot file used by Jest.
  • Differencify Visual regression testing tool using Jest and Puppeteer to do Image snapshot comparison.
  • StoryShots StoryShots adds automatic Jest Snapshot Testing for Storybook.
  • jest-large-snapshot-warning Add warnings to large snapshots.
  • jest-serializer-react-helmet Include React Helmet data in component snapshots.
  • jest-serializer-json-ld-script Serializes JSON+LD elements as JavaScript objects.
  • jest-emotion Include Emotion styles in component snapshots.
  • jest-serializer-xml Format XML documents to better visualize in Snapshots.
  • 1log Extensible logger that allows capturing log messages as snapshots.


  • jest-codemods Makes it easy to migrate from other test runner and frameworks to Jest.

Library extensions

  • testdouble-jest Support for testdouble.js for users of Jest.
  • jest-puppe-shots A Jest plugin for creating screenshots of React components with a little help of Puppeteer.
  • babel-jest-assertions Babel plugin that automatically adds the number of assertions found in each test with expect.assertions(n) and expect.hasAssertions().
  • typescript-snapshots-plugin Extends the TypeScript dev server to support hovering and jumping to a snapshot.
  • jest-chain Chain Jest matchers together to create one powerful assertion.
  • jest-expect-message Add custom message to Jest expects.
  • @bigtest/interactor A testing and assertion library that makes it easy to test UIs at scale while keeping accessibility at the core.
  • @testdeck/jest Decorator based wrapper around Jest for object oriented testing. Checkout the documentation and a working seed for you to start with.
  • jest-plugin-must-assert A Jest plugin for strict runtime checks. Fails any tests without assertions and prevents async tasks (Promises & timeouts) from leaking across tests.
  • wait-for-expect A await/async function to wait a expect. Useful on e2e test.
  • jest-os-detection Dynamically enable or skip tests based on the OS they run on so you can share the same test suite across various platforms.


Watch plugins




  • jest-test-gen CLI tool to generate a test file with test scaffold for every class method or function exported.




Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines.



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