Face detection example in Python 3 based on OpenCV and Flask
Alternatives To Flask_face_detection
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Multi Camera Live Object Tracking562
3 years ago22gpl-3.0Python
Multi-camera live traffic and object counting with YOLO v4, Deep SORT, and Flask.
a year ago2Python
4 years agomitPython
A workout trainer Dash/Flask app that helps track your HIIT workouts by analyzing real-time video streaming from your sweet Pi using machine learning and Edge TPU..
3 years ago6Jupyter Notebook
Using A.I. and computer vision to build a virtual personal fitness trainer. (Most Startup-Viable Hack - HackNYU2018)
Live Stream Face Detection78
a year ago2mitPython
Live Streaming and Face Detection with Flask in Browser
a year ago4mitPython
Automatic number plate recognition using tech: Yolo, OCR, Scene text detection, scene text recognation, flask, torch
Ocr Tesseract Docker69
2 years ago5HTML
OCR using Python, Tesseract and OpenCV in a Docker container
Opencv Rest Api65
3 years ago1Python
Learn to create a REST API microservice for extracting faces from images using OpenCV, OpenCV-python, Flask, Docker, and Heroku
2 years agomitPython
Face detection example in Python 3 based on OpenCV and Flask
Attendance Portal61
a year ago2gpl-3.0JavaScript
We have developed a cutting-edge attendance recorder. Using face recognition, you can easily record attendance and have access to in-depth analysis and a wide range of functionalities. Because of the covid-19 pandemic, stringent guidelines have been established, and precautions must be made to minimise unnecessary physical encounters. As a result, our method has shown to be effective in eliminating the requirement for any type of physical interaction while collecting and analysing attendance.
Alternatives To Flask_face_detection
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Face Detection