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🔀 switch-php

Easily switch between PHP versions on your Mac. Requires Homebrew and works with Laravel Valet.

switch-php screencast

⬇️️️ Installation:

Installing switch-php is as easy as running:

npm install --global switch-php

If you use Yarn, you can do this:

yarn global add switch-php

Alternatively you can move the file from this repo into your home directory and add this line in your .bashrc/.zshrc/etc.:

source ~/

⚙ Usage:

You must have PHP installed via Homebrew in order for switch-php to work. switch-php also works really well with Laravel Valet, but Valet is not a requirement in order to use switch-php.

Here's an example of how you would use switch-php:

$ switch-php 7.1 -v -m 512M
  1. switch-php -> The main command. (Required)
  2. 7.1 -> Specify the version of PHP you want to switch too, in this case php71. (Required)
  3. -v -> Request verbose output (Optional)
  4. -m 512M -> Request a custom PHP memory setting. If you don't pass an additional arugment, the memory will be reset to the Valet default. (Optional)

Here's the full list of versions/options:

  version [options] [arguments]

  -h, --help      Display the help message
  -v, --verbose   Display more info during the process
  -m, --memory    Customize the PHP memory setting (Valet only)

Available Versions:
  5.6              Switch to [email protected]
  7.0              Switch to [email protected]
  7.1              Switch to [email protected]
  7.2              Switch to [email protected]
  7.3              Switch to [email protected]
  7.4              Switch to [email protected]

ğŸŽ› Customizing the PHP Memory Settings:

  • If you don't pass an argument to -m or --memory, it will reset any previously set custom memory settings to the default Valet config.
  • Alternatively, you can pass an argument to -m or --memory if you want to override the default Valet memory settings. For example, you can do:
switch-php 7.1 -m 512M       # [email protected] with 512MB of memory
switch-php 7.3 -m 2G -v      # [email protected] with 2GB of memory; verbose output
switch-php 5.6 --memory=1G   # [email protected] with 1GB of memory
  • Note: customizing PHP memory settings currently only works for Laravel Valet users. If you don't use Valet, we hope to get this working for you as well in an upcoming release.

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