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🐚📊 tsukae - Show off your most used shell commands

Tsukae, 使え - means use in Japanese (so it refers to commands that you use)

Built on top of termui and cobra

Big shoutout to jokerj40 for suggesting this project idea (the original thought was to parse the history file)

Installation 🔨

go get -u
tsukae <SHELL_NAME>

AUR package

Usage 🔬

<SHELL_NAME> - zsh or bash or fish

Flags ğŸŽŒ

-p, --piechart - use with <SHELL_NAME> (draws only piechart widget)
-b, --barchart - use with <SHELL_NAME> (draws only barchart widget)
-l, --list - use with <SHELL_NAME> (draws only list widget)
-s, --shell-path - use with <SHELL_NAME> Manualy provide the history file path

Draw all widgets

tsukae <SHELL_NAME>

Draw specific widget

tsukae <SHELL_NAME> -p

tsukae <SHELL_NAME> -b

tsukae <SHELL_NAME> -l

Pass certain commands number (1-15) and draw all widgets

tsukae <SHELL_NAME> 10

Draw specific widget with certain commands number

tsukae <SHELL_NAME> 10 -p
tsukae <SHELL_NAME> 5 -b
tsukae <SHELL_NAME> 3 -l

Pass certain history file

tsukae <SHELL_NAME> -s=$HOME/dir/hist_file

Ignore commands by writing the to blacklist file

When you run tsukae for the first time it creates the blacklist file in $HOME/.config/tsukae and you can prevent some commands from displaying Example of blacklist file:


Contributing 🤝

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome! 👍
Feel free to check open issues.

Quick Start 🚀

git clone
cd tsukae
go get -d ./...
go build

What I Learned 🧠

  • Parsing Text Files using Go
  • Drawing termui

License 📑

(c) 2021 Ilya Revenko. MIT License

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