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Dublin Traceroute is a NAT-aware multipath traceroute tool.

And this page is just informational. Read more at .

Dublin Traceroute has a blog, with articles on how to make the best out of it. Check it out at .

Dublin Traceroute has also Python bindings, that will let you:

  • use Dublin Traceroute from Python code
  • generate graphical visualizations of your multipath traceroutes
  • do statistical analysis using Pandas

See python-dublin-traceroute for more information.

Feedback is very welcome! You can open a new issue, or contact me directly, see for contact details.

But, in a few words, you can run traceroutes in multi-path networks (i.e. with ECMP load-balancing enabled), recognize NATs, have nice diagrams like the one below, export to JSON, and do this with a command-line tool, a C++ library or a Python library.

dublin-traceroute example

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