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Th3inspector Tool 🕵️

Th3inspector 🕵️ best tool for Information Gathering 🔎
      ⭐ All in one tool for Information Gathering ⭐

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Th3inspector 🕵️ best tool for Information Gathering 🔎




Short Form Long Form Description
-i --info Website Information
-n --number Phone Number Information
-mx --mailserver Find IP Address And E-mail Server
-w --whois Domain Whois Lookup
-l --location Find Website/IP Address Location
-c --cloudflare Bypass CloudFlare
-a --age Domain Age Checker
-ua --useragent User Agent Info
-p --port Check Active Services On Resource
-b --bin Credit Card Bin Checker
-s --subdomain Subdomain Scanner
-e --email E-mail Address Checker
-cms --cms Content Management System Checker
-h --help show the help message and exit


  • To list all the basic options and switches use -h switch:

perl -h

  • To Get Website Information:

perl -i

  • To Get Phone Number Information :

perl -n xxxxxxx

  • To Find IP Address And E-mail Server:

perl -mx

  • To Find Website Or IP Address Location :

perl -l

  • To Get Real IP Of Website Using CloudFlare Protection

perl -c


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Installation Linux alt tag

git clone
cd Th3inspector
chmod +x && ./

Installation Android alt tag

Download Termux

git clone
cd Th3inspector
chmod +x && ./

Installation Windows alt tag

Download Perl
Download Th3inspector
cpan install JSON
Extract Th3inspector into Desktop
Open CMD and type the following commands:
cd Desktop/Th3inspector-master/


Current version is 1.9 What's New

• speed up

• Bug fixes

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Perl (30,575
Address (15,085
Mail (8,928
Lookup (4,519
Cloudflare (2,512
User Agent (1,340
Geoip (1,114
Whois (827
Traceroute (426
Information Gathering (381
Port Scanner (334
Email Validation (219
Subdomain Scanner (106
Whois Lookup (81
Ip Location (79
Dns Record (63
Cms Detector (9
Reverse Ip Scan (7
Credit Card Scaning (4
Mx Lookup (3