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PowerPing - Advanced Windows Ping

Small improved command line ICMP ping program lovingly inspired by windows and linux, written in C#.

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Stable releases can be downloaded [here]


Future features:


Ping Options:
    --infinite      [--t]            Ping the target until stopped (Ctrl-C to stop)
    --ipv4          [--4]            Force using IPv4
    --random        [--rng]          Generates random ICMP message
    --dontfrag      [--df]           Set 'Don't Fragment' flag
    --buffer        [--rb]  number   Sets recieve buffer size (default is 5096)
    --beep          [--b]   number   Beep on timeout (1) or on reply (2)
    --count         [--c]   number   Number of pings to send
    --timeout       [--w]   number   Time to wait for reply (in milliseconds)
    --ttl           [--i]   number   Time To Live for packet
    --interval      [--in]  number   Interval between each ping (in milliseconds)
    --type          [--pt]  number   Use custom ICMP type
    --code          [--pc]  number   Use custom ICMP code value
    --size          [--s]   number   Set size (in bytes) of packet (overwrites packet message)
    --message       [--m]   message  Ping packet message
    --timing        [--ti]  timing   Timing levels:
                                        0 - Paranoid    4 - Nimble
                                        1 - Sneaky      5 - Speedy
                                        2 - Quiet       6 - Insane
                                        3 - Polite      7 - Random

Display Options:
    --shorthand     [--sh]           Show less detailed replies
    --displaymsg    [--dm]           Display ICMP message contents
    --timestamp     [--ts]           Display timestamps (add 'UTC' for Coordinated Universal Time)
    --fulltimestamp [--fts]          Display full timestamps with localised date and time
    --nocolor       [--nc]           No colour
    --symbols       [--sym]          Renders replies and timeouts as ASCII symbols (add '1' for alt theme)
    --requests      [--r]            Show request packets
    --notimeouts    [--nt]           Don't display timeout messages
    --quiet         [--q]            No output (only affects normal ping)
    --resolve       [--res]          Resolve hostname of response address from DNS
    --inputaddr     [--ia]           Show input address instead of revolved one
    --checksum      [--chk]          Display checksum of packet
    --limit         [--l]   number   Limits output to just replies (1), requests (2) or summary(3)
    --decimals      [--dp]  number   Num of decimal places to use (0 to 3)

Input Options: 
    --noinput       [--ni]           Don't ask for user input upon completion 
    --requireinput  [--ri]           Always ask for user input upon completion 
                                     (NOTE: These settings persist between runs so only need
                                      to be used once. However, they will function the same 
                                      if used in every command.)

    --scan          [--sc]  address  Network scanning, specify range ""
                                     (listen command without address will listen on all local network adapters)
    --flood         [--fl]  address  Send high volume of pings to address
    --graph         [--g]   address  Graph view
    --compact       [--cg]  address  Compact graph view
    --location      [--loc] address  Location info for an address
    --listen        [--li]  address  Listen for ICMP packets on an address
    --listen        [--li]           Listen for ICMP packets on all local network adapters
    --whois                 address  Whois lookup for an address
    --whoami                         Location info for current host

    --help       [--?]               Displays this help message
    --version    [--v]               Shows version and build information
    --examples   [--ex]              Shows example usage

Example usage:

 powerping                    -     Send ping to google DNS with default values (3000ms timeout, 5 pings)
 powerping --w 500 --t     -     Send pings indefinitely to with a 500ms timeout     
 powerping --w 500 --t     -     Address can also be specified at the end
 powerping --m Meow         -     Send ping with packet message "Meow" to loopback address
 powerping --pt 3 --pc 2    -     Send ping with ICMP type 3 (dest unreachable) and code 2
 powerping /c 5 -w 500 --sh   -     Different argument switches (/, - or --) can be used in any combination
 powerping /ti Paranoid    -     Sends using the 'Paranoid' timing option
 powerping /ti 1           -     Same as above


License under the MIT License:

Copyright (c) 2020 Matthew Carney [email protected]


Requires Elevated Rights (Admininstrator) to Run (more info here)


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