[DEPRECATED] This library is no longer maintained and it will not receive any more updates.
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8a year ago24April 17, 20211apache-2.0Java
A single adapter with multiple view types for the whole project
a year ago2March 30, 202213mitKotlin
The Android maps adapter
2 years ago30apache-2.0Java
Easily create complex recyclerview adapters in android
2 years ago1July 11, 20211apache-2.0Java
13 days ago3mitKotlin
A Viewholderless Adapter for RecyclerView, who supports builtin diffing, states (paging, empty...), events (clicking, swiping...), and more.
2 years ago1April 27, 202112apache-2.0Kotlin
(Published to MavenCentral) Kotlin way of building RecyclerView Adapter 🧩. You do not have to write RecyclerView Adapters again and again and suffer from handling of different view types. Kiel will help you.
3 years ago1February 11, 20213apache-2.0Java
[DEPRECATED] This library is no longer maintained and it will not receive any more updates.
3 years agoJava
3 years ago1Java
A high-performance , easy-to-use Adapter for RecyclerView ,using diffutil
Smart Recycler Adapter135
2 years ago1apache-2.0Kotlin
Small, smart and generic adapter for recycler view with easy and advanced data to ViewHolder binding.
Alternatives To Mjolnirrecyclerview
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[DEPRECATED] MjolnirRecyclerView - This library is no longer maintained and it will not receive any more updates.


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Provides a simple way to extend the default RecyclerView behaviour with support for headers, footers, empty view, DiffUtil and ArrayAdapter like methods.


Add the library as a dependency to your build.gradle

compile 'co.infinum:mjolnirrecyclerview:[email protected]'

Check the latest version here.


1. Header & footer support

Add a custom number of headers and footers to MjolnirRecyclerView by using 2 simple methods from MjolnirRecyclerAdapter:

    adapter.setHeader(View view)
    adapter.setHeader(View view)

2. Empty view

Empty view support for MjolnirRecyclerView. View is automatically hidden when adapter is populated with some data, and is automatically shown once again when adapter becomes empty.

    recyclerView.setEmptyView(View view)

You can also show empty view while adapter is not set to the MjolnirRecyclerView, which is handy if you want to intialize adapter at some later point in the time.

    // show empty view if adapter is not set
    recyclerView.setEmptyView(View view, true)

3. DiffUtil

DiffUtil support for MjolnirRecyclerAdapter. Simply add DiffUtil.Callback in adapters update method:

    adapter.update(new ItemDiffUtilResult())

As DiffUtil is a blocking sync action, it's executed on the background thread inside the MjolnirRecyclerAdapter by using a AsyncTask. As a result of this approach, you need to call cancel() method on your adapter when your activity or fragment is about to be destroyed, so that the adapter is not updated if the screen has been destroyed.

    protected void onDestroy() {

4. ArrayAdapter like methods

MjolnirRecyclerAdapter has full support for ArrayAdapter methods, like add(), addAll(), reset(), remove(), set()...


Feedback and code contributions are very much welcome. Just make a pull request with a short description of your changes. By making contributions to this project you give permission for your code to be used under the same license.


Maintained and sponsored by Infinum.

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