Smart Recycler Adapter

Small, smart and generic adapter for recycler view with easy and advanced data to ViewHolder binding.
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Fastadapter3,721176165 months ago138November 24, 20217apache-2.0Kotlin
The bullet proof, fast and easy to use adapter library, which minimizes developing time to a fraction...
3 years ago13otherKotlin
2 years ago60apache-2.0Java
Fast and versatile Adapter for RecyclerView which regroups several features into one library to considerably improve the user experience :-)
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TableView is a powerful Android library for displaying complex data structures and rendering tabular data composed of rows, columns and cells.
6 years ago108Java
ArrayAdapter,pull to refresh,auto load more,Header/Footer,EmptyView,ProgressView,ErrorView
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An Android library for decomposing RecyclerView layouts to improve scroll performance.
5 years ago12apache-2.0Kotlin
Don't write a RecyclerView adapter again. Not even a ViewHolder!
3 months ago3mitKotlin
A Viewholderless Adapter for RecyclerView, who supports builtin diffing, states (paging, empty...), events (clicking, swiping...), and more.
a year ago10apache-2.0Java
自定义支持上拉加载更多,下拉刷新,可以自定义头部和底部,可以添加多个headerView,使用一个原生recyclerView就可以搞定复杂界面。支持自由切换状态【加载中,加载成功,加载失败,没网络等状态】的控件,可以自定义状态视图View。拓展功能【支持长按拖拽,侧滑删除】,轻量级,可以选择性添加 。多年前已经使用于前项目投资界,新芽,沙丘大学等APP正式项目中!持续更新……
Efficientadapter427514 years ago5February 21, 20212apache-2.0Java
Create a new adapter for a RecyclerView or ViewPager is now much easier.
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Never code any boilerplate RecyclerAdapter again! This library will make it easy and painless to map your data item with a target ViewHolder.


ItemTouchHelper Swipe, Drag & Drop extensions
Sticky header
Nested adapter

Release overview

  • Extension libraries (ViewEvent, DiffUtil, NestedAdapter, StickyHeader, Filter) v5.0.0-rc01
  • Kotlin + AndroidX (jcenter, jitpack) v4.0.0
  • Java + AndroidX (jcenter, jitpack) v3.0.0
  • Java + AppCompat (jitpack) v2.2.0


Add jcenter() or maven { url "" } to your build.gradle under repositories


dependencies {
  // Core SmartRecyclerAdapter
  implementation 'io.github.manneohlund:smart-recycler-adapter:5.0.0-rc01'


dependencies {
  // ViewEvent click listeners, multi select, swipe dismiss and drag & drop
  implementation 'io.github.manneohlund:smart-recycler-adapter-viewevent:1.0.0-beta03'
  // DiffUtil extension library
  implementation 'io.github.manneohlund:smart-recycler-adapter-diffutil:1.0.0-beta01'
  // Nested adapter extension library
  implementation 'io.github.manneohlund:smart-recycler-adapter-nestedadapter:1.0.0-beta01'
  // Sticky header extension library
  implementation 'io.github.manneohlund:smart-recycler-adapter-stickyheader:1.0.0-alpha02'
  // Filter extension library
  implementation 'io.github.manneohlund:smart-recycler-adapter-filter:1.0.0-alpha01'


Basic adapter creation

  .map(MoviePosterModel::class, PosterViewHolder::class)
  .map(MovieBannerModel::class, BannerViewHolder::class)
  .map(MovieModel::class, MovieViewHolder::class)
  .map(TopNewsModel::class, TopNewsViewHolder::class)
  .add(OnClickEventListener { event: ViewEvent.OnClick -> 
    // Handle event


Just extend your ViewHolder class with SmartViewHolder and pass in the target type ex SmartViewHolder<Mail>.
Note that the constructor can both take View or ViewGroup as parameter, in this case PosterViewHolder(parentView: ViewGroup) to avoid casting to ViewGroup while inflating.
The parentView is the recyclerView.
The method unbind has an default implementation and is optional.

class PosterViewHolder(parentView: ViewGroup) : 
  SmartViewHolder<MovieModel>(parentView, R.layout.poster_item) {

  override fun bind(movie: MovieModel) {

  override fun unbind() {

Works with Android DataBinding! Just add the DataBinding LayoutInflater in super call. 🚀

class PosterViewHolder(parentView: ViewGroup) : 
      .inflate(R.layout.poster_item, parentView, false)

Adapter creation with ViewTypeResolver

If you want to bind one data type with different view holders depending on some attribute you can set a ViewTypeResolver.
Note .map() call not needed in this case but you can combine if you want to.

  .setViewTypeResolver{ item, position -> {
    when { 
      item is MovieTrailerModel -> MovieTrailerViewHolder::class
      item is MovieModel && item.isRatedR() -> RMovieViewHolder::class
      else -> MovieViewHolder::class // Add default view if needed, else SmartRecyclerAdapter will look at the base `.map` mapping


A popular feature in apps is to have endless scrolling with pagination, in other words load more items when user has scrolled to bottom. With SmartEndlessScrollRecyclerAdapter you can achieve this.

  • setAutoLoadMoreEnabled defines if false load more button should be visible before loading.
  • setLoadMoreLayoutResource can also set your custom loading/loadmore view.
  • OnLoadMoreListener is called when scrolled to the last item and loading view is visible.

Create SmartEndlessScrollRecyclerAdapter

val endlessScrollAdapter: SmartEndlessScrollRecyclerAdapter = SmartEndlessScrollRecyclerAdapter
  .setOnLoadMoreListener { adapter,  loadMoreViewHolder ->
    // Handle load more items
  .map(MovieModel::class, MovieViewHolder::class)

More SmartEndlessScrollRecyclerAdapter features

Enable/Disable endless scrolling and thus removing the loading view. endlessScrollAdapter.isEndlessScrollEnabled = false

Extension libraries


As of smart-recycler-adapter:v5.0.0 all ViewEvent listeners have been removed from SmartRecyclerAdapter and added in this extension library smart-recycler-adapter-viewevent.

Essentially the SmartRecyclerAdapter will now hold a list of SmartViewHolderBinder that can implement any of these interfaces to listen to the adapter view holder stages:

  • OnSmartRecycleAdapterCreatedListener Invoked from SmartRecyclerAdapter init
  • OnCreateViewHolderListener Invoked from SmartRecyclerAdapter.onCreateViewHolder
  • OnBindViewHolderListener Invoked from SmartRecyclerAdapter.onBindViewHolder
  • OnViewAttachedToWindowListener Invoked from SmartRecyclerAdapter.onViewAttachedToWindow
  • OnViewDetachedFromWindowListener Invoked from SmartRecyclerAdapter.onViewDetachedFromWindow

This way all extension libraries has full control over the view holder lifecycle stages and can be hooked with various listeners and state holders.
You can create any type of SmartViewHolderBinder extension and implement any number of the listed adapter listeners.

View Events

In io.github.manneohlund:smart-recycler-adapter-viewevent comes with a range of ViewEvent listeners.
Default viewId is that targets root view of the ViewHolder (ViewHolder.itemView).

  .map(MovieModel::class, MovieViewHolder::class)
  // Your ViewHolder must implement CustomViewEventListenerHolder & SmartAdapterHolder
  .add(OnCustomViewEventListener { event: ViewEvent -> })
  // Adds click event listener to all SmartViewHolder root itemView
  .add(OnClickEventListener { event: ViewEvent.OnClick -> })
  // Adds long click event listener to all SmartViewHolder root itemView
  .add(OnLongClickEventListener { event: ViewEvent.OnLongClick -> })
  // Adds click event listener to PosterViewHolder root itemView
  .add(OnClickEventListener(PosterViewHolder::class) { event: ViewEvent.OnClick -> })
  // Adds click event listener to PosterViewHolder on view with id
  .add(OnClickEventListener(PosterViewHolder::class,{ event: ViewEvent.OnClick -> })
  // Adds touch event listener to PosterViewHolder
  .add(OnTouchEventListener(PosterViewHolder::class) { event: ViewEvent.OnTouchEvent ->
    when(it.event.action) {
      MotionEvent.ACTION_UP -> // Handle touch event

SmartStateHolder & ViewEventViewModel

With OnMultiItemSelectListener, OnMultiItemCheckListener, OnSingleItemSelectListener & OnSingleItemCheckListener you can easily keep track on selection states.

In combination with ViewEventViewModel you can keep selection states during screen rotation within the Activity lifecycle.
ViewEventViewModel provides a live data for the selection events.


OnMultiItemSelectListener holds multi select states for recycler adapter positions and takes 4 arguments:

  • If enableOnLongClick is true multi select will be enabled after a long click, otherwise a regular ViewEvent.OnClick will be emitted when tapping.
  • viewId is by default to target all SmartViewHolder.itemView.
  • viewHolderType is by default SmartViewHolder::class to target all view holders.
  • eventListener is by default noop in case of OnMultiItemSelectListener will be used with ViewEventViewModel along with live data observer.
// Define your ViewEventViewModel for OnMultiItemSelectListener to preserve state.
class MultiItemSelectViewModel :
  ViewEventViewModel<ViewEvent, OnMultiItemSelectListener>(
      enableOnLongClick = true,

// Get MultiItemSelectViewModel by androidx default viewModels provider.
private val multiItemSelectViewModel: MultiItemSelectViewModel by viewModels()

// Observe ViewEvent live data.
  .map(Integer::class, SimpleSelectableItemViewHolder::class)
  .add(multiItemSelectViewModel.observe(this) { event: ViewEvent ->
    // Either ViewEvent.OnClick or ViewEvent.OnItemSelected when enableOnLongClick = true

See sample app section: #SmartStateHolder

Drag & Drop

AutoDragAndDropBinder will be activated on long press if longPressDragEnabled = true
and on release the AutoDragAndDropBinder will automatically notify the SmartRecyclerAdapter about the item move.
You can extend the BasicDragAndDropBinder or DragAndDropEventBinder and create your custom implementation.

  .map(Integer::class, SimpleItemViewHolder::class)
  .add(AutoDragAndDropBinder(longPressDragEnabled = true) { event: ViewEvent.OnItemMoved ->
    // Handle drag event

See sample app section: #SmartStateHolder

Swipe dismiss

AutoRemoveItemSwipeEventBinder will automatically remove the item from the adapter on swipe.
You can extend the BasicSwipeEventBinder or SwipeEventBinder.kt and create your custom implementation.

  .map(Integer::class, SimpleItemViewHolder::class)
  .add(AutoRemoveItemSwipeEventBinder(ItemTouchHelper.LEFT or ItemTouchHelper.RIGHT) { event: ViewEvent.OnItemSwiped ->
    // Handle swipe event

See sample app section: #SmartStateHolder


With io.github.manneohlund:smart-recycler-adapter-stickyheader it's super easy to add a sticky header recycler view item decoration.
Just set the target headerItemType and the StickyHeaderItemDecorationExtension will do the rest.
You can even add a sticky header item touch event listener.

  .map(String::class, SimpleHeaderViewHolder::class)
  .map(Integer::class, SimpleItemViewHolder::class)
    headerItemType = HeaderViewHolder::class
  ) { motionEvent, itemPosition ->
    if (motionEvent.action == MotionEvent.ACTION_UP) {
      showToast("Header $itemPosition clicked")

See sample app section: #Sticky header


As of smart-recycler-adapter:v5.0.0 diff util have been removed from SmartRecyclerAdapter and is added in this extension library smart-recycler-adapter-diffutil.

Essentially the SmartRecyclerAdapter will now hold a map of SmartRecyclerAdapterBinder that is the basic interface for SmartRecyclerAdapter binding extensions.

// If adapter items contains unspecified super type DiffPredicate bust be of type Any, DiffPredicate<Any>
private val predicate = object : DiffUtilExtension.DiffPredicate<Int> {
  override fun areItemsTheSame(oldItem: Int, newItem: Int): Boolean {
    return oldItem == newItem
  override fun areContentsTheSame(oldItem: Int, newItem: Int): Boolean {
    return oldItem == newItem

// Add SimpleDiffUtilExtension to the adapter
  .map(Integer::class, SimpleItemViewHolder::class)

// Add some new random items

See sample app section: #DiffUtil


As of smart-recycler-adapter:v5.0.0 static nested adapter mapping have been removed from SmartRecyclerAdapter and is added in this extension library smart-recycler-adapter-nestedadapter.
Default binder in nestedadapter is SmartNestedAdapterBinder implements SmartViewHolderBinder for basic view holder mapping functionality.
SmartRecyclerAdapter will hold the SmartNestedAdapterBinder references and call the default implemented interfaces OnCreateViewHolderListener, OnBindViewHolderListener, OnViewRecycledListener on ViewHolder lifecycle stages.
SmartViewHolder subclasses must implement SmartNestedRecyclerViewHolder in order for SmartNestedAdapterBinder to get the target recyclerView.

How does it work? 👇


Sample uses kotlin synthetic view property import!

class NestedRecyclerViewHolder(parentView: ViewGroup) :
  SmartViewHolder<MovieCategory>(parentView, R.layout.nested_recycler_view),
  SmartNestedRecyclerViewHolder {

  override val recyclerView: RecyclerView = itemView.nestedRecyclerView

  init {
        // Set RecyclerView properties here or with RecyclerViewBinder
    itemView.nestedRecyclerView.apply {
      layoutManager = LinearLayoutManager(context, HORIZONTAL, false)
      isNestedScrollingEnabled = false

  override fun bind(item: MovieCategory) {
    itemView.title.text = item.title


SmartNestedAdapterBinder will only target NestedRecyclerViewHolder.
Supply a SmartAdapterBuilder or SmartEndlessScrollAdapterBuilder that will be build a new nested adapter for each NestedRecyclerViewHolder. With reuseParentAdapterRecycledViewPool set to true will reuse the parent SmartRecyclerAdapters RecyclerView.RecycledViewPool in all nested adapters.

      viewHolderType = NestedRecyclerViewHolder::class,
      reuseParentAdapterRecycledViewPool = true,
      smartRecyclerAdapterBuilder = SmartRecyclerAdapter.empty()
        .map(MovieModel::class, ThumbViewHolder::class)
        .add(OnClickEventListener { event: ViewEvent.OnClick ->
          // Handle nested adapter item click event
  .add(OnClickEventListener(NestedRecyclerViewHolder::class, {
    // Handle parent adapter click event

See sample app section: #Nested SmartRecyclerAdapters


With the FilterExtension extension you can synchronously or asynchronously filter your items.

Create SmartRecyclerAdapter

  .map(String::class, HeaderViewHolder::class)
  .map(Int::class, FilterItemViewHolder::class)
  .add(OnClickEventListener {
    // Handle click event
      filterPredicate = { item, constraint ->
        when (item) {
          is Int -> item.toString().contains(constraint)
          else -> true
      loadingStateListener = { isLoading ->
        // Set loading progress visibility

Set search view filter

searchView.setOnQueryTextListener(object : android.widget.SearchView.OnQueryTextListener {
    // Call some filter function ex: filter(newText)


fun filter(query: String?) {
  val filterExtension: FilterExtension = smartAdapter.get()

  filterExtension.filter(lifecycleScope, query, autoSetNewItems = true)

See sample app section: #Filter


Only known rule is to keep constructor for all ViewHolders.
This rule is auto included in the for smart-recycler-adapter library so no manual config is needed.

-keepclassmembers class **ViewHolder {
    public <init>(**);


For more samples test out the sample app and see the source code.


Sometimes a ViewHolder created by the Adapter cannot be recycled due to its transient state.
In order to fix this is to implement RecyclableViewHolder in your SmartViewHolder extension so that upon receiving this callback, Adapter can clear the animation(s) that effect the View's transient state and return true so that the View can be recycled.

class MovieViewHolder : SmartViewHolder, RecyclableViewHolder {
  override fun onFailedToRecycleView(): Boolean = true

OnViewAttachedToWindowListener and OnViewDetachedFromWindowListener

If you want to catch when the view is attached and detached from the window in your ViewHolder you can implement OnViewAttachedToWindowListener and OnViewDetachedFromWindowListener in your SmartViewHolder extension.

Becoming detached from the window is not necessarily a permanent condition the consumer of an Adapter's views may choose to cache views offscreen while they are not visible, attaching and detaching them as appropriate.

class MovieViewHolder : SmartViewHolder, 
    OnViewDetachedFromWindowListener { 

  override fun onViewAttachedToWindow(viewHolder: RecyclerView.ViewHolder) {
    // Restore

  override fun onViewDetachedFromWindow(viewHolder: RecyclerView.ViewHolder) {
    // Cache

More SmartRecyclerAdapter features

val adapter: SmartRecyclerAdapter = SmartRecyclerAdapter
    .map(MovieModel::class, MovieViewHolder::class)

// We can add more data

// Add data at index with animation
adapter.addItem(0, item)

// Add data at index without animation
adapter.addItem(0, item, false)

// Remove item at index with animation

// Remove item at index without animation
adapter.removeItem(0, false)

// Replace item at index with animation
adapter.replaceItem(0, item)

// Replace item at index without animation
adapter.replaceItem(0, item, false)

// Get items by type

// Delete all items in the list
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