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Android Architecture Components Sample - CircleCI

A Sample project of the news app that uses ViewModels, LiveData, Locale Cache with Room and Data Binding with an MVVM architecture.

Used Technologies and Patterns

  • Room
  • LiveData
  • Data Binding
  • RxJava2
  • Dagger2
  • OkHttp3
  • Retrofit2
  • ViewModels
  • MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel)


Reporting Issues

The project is still under development, especially I am trying to learn more about popular patterns and Dagger2 but you can report issues or create with feature tag to discuss about ideas for keep project under development. I am thinking to start a blog series for describe what I did in this project. Keep in touch -> Medium

Next Steps

  • Build Unit & UI tests
  • Duplicate project with Kotlin
  • Start blog series
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