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A Tiny Mobile Application
This is a simple sample app which implemented using MVVM architecture, Room, Retrofit2, RX3, Coil, Dagger2, Navigation Component, View Binding. At the moment, it has a simple structure but It will be more complicated soon. I used for the content of app with a simple UI. My goal of sharing this code is to get feedback, fix my problems and improve the implementation. So I`ll be happy to hear from you!

The App at a Glance:
  • recipes guide
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • favorites and categories
  • search by query, tag and title of category

Used libraries

  1. GitHub - retrofit
  2. GitHub - Coil
  3. [ - Moshi
  4. GitHub - Dagger
  5. Github - Retrofit
  6. Github - RxAndroid
  7. Github - RxJava



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Kotlin (61,993
Kotlin Android (3,199
Retrofit2 (1,894
Rxjava (1,320
Dagger2 (1,236
Mvvm Architecture (1,216
Livedata (961
Mvvm Android (546
Room Persistence Library (497
Room Database (361
Rxandroid (352
Navigation Component (175
Viewbinding (156
Rxjava Android (154
Coil (77
Retrofit2 Kotlin (49
Retrofit2 Rxjava (32
Moshi Converter (18
Coil Image Loader (16
Navigation Component Kotlin (5
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