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A Tiny Mobile Application
This is a simple sample app which implemented using MVVM architecture, Room, Retrofit2, RX3, Coil, Dagger2, Navigation Component, View Binding. At the moment, it has a simple structure but It will be more complicated soon. I used for the content of app with a simple UI. My goal of sharing this code is to get feedback, fix my problems and improve the implementation. So I`ll be happy to hear from you!

The App at a Glance:
  • recipes guide
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • favorites and categories
  • search by query, tag and title of category

Used libraries

  1. GitHub - retrofit
  2. GitHub - Coil
  3. [ - Moshi
  4. GitHub - Dagger
  5. Github - Retrofit
  6. Github - RxAndroid
  7. Github - RxJava



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