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2022 Hit Refresh! Praxis now loves Jetpack Compose

This is a sample app written in Kotlin following clean architecture principles which uses slack app features as an example.

The purpose of this app to showcase:

  • Implementation of Jetpack Android Architecture components with Dagger Hilt and Data Binding to minimize boilerplate code.
  • Implementation of an architecture that will support both XML and the new Compose.
  • Implementation of Modular Multi Module Navigation Architecture.
  • Performing background task with Kotlin Coroutines


  1. Android Studio : Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1 3.1 or higher
  2. Android Emulator or Physical android device

Built With

Tools Link
Kotlin Kotlin
Architecture Components Android Architecture Components
Data Binding Android Data Binding
Dagger Hilt Dagger Hilt
Retrofit Retrofit
OkHttp OkHttp
Gson Parsing Gson
Coroutines Kotlin Coroutines
Flows Flows


Praxis follows the principles of Clean Architecture with Android Architecture Components.

Architecture's layers & boundaries:

Presentation Layer contains UI (Activities & Fragments) that are coordinated by ViewModels which execute 1 or multiple UseCases. Presentation Layer depends on Domain Layer.

Domain Layer is the most INNER part of the circle (no dependencies with other layers) and it contains Entities, Use cases & Repository Interfaces. Use cases combine data from 1 or multiple Repository Interfaces.

Data Layer contains Repository Implementations and 1 or multiple Data Sources. Repositories are responsible to coordinate data from the different Data Sources. Data Layer depends on Domain Layer.

Notes: Mapping between response models and transformed models will happen via extension functions defined in transformed model file


Files are suffixed with be defined Class types.

  • ViewModels are suffixed with VM. Ex: LoginVM
  • UseCases are suffixed with UseCase. Ex: LoginUseCase
  • Sources are suffixed with Source. Ex: LoginRemoteSource, LoginLocalSource
  • Repositories are suffixed with Repo. Ex: LoginRepo


This project can be used as a template for new apps. This project is continually evolving to integrate other libraries and techniques to keep it up to date.

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