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Venom4,78465 days ago114August 15, 202222apache-2.0JavaScript
Venom is the most complete javascript library for Whatsapp, 100% Open Source.
Whatsapp Chatgpt2,600
7 days ago64TypeScript
ChatGPT + DALL-E + WhatsApp = AI Assistant :rocket: :robot:
9 hours ago73July 11, 202224otherTypeScript
WPPConnect is an open source project developed by the JavaScript community with the aim of exporting functions from WhatsApp Web to the node, which can be used to support the creation of any interaction, such as customer service, media sending, intelligence recognition based on phrases artificial and many other things, use your imagination
Tock37326 days ago32June 27, 2022155apache-2.0Kotlin
Tock, the open source conversational AI toolkit.
Zap Gpt222
2 months ago1JavaScript
ChatGPT para Whatsapp
2 years agogpl-3.0Python
Create an AI that chats like you
Inos Baileys Wabot37
3 months ago3gpl-3.0JavaScript
WhatsApp Bot Using Baileys Library
10 months agomitJavaScript
Whatsapp Web Bot
X Troid21
2 years agogpl-3.0JavaScript
ලෝකයේම පලවෙනි සිංහල WhatsApp bot එක වෙත සාදරන් පිලිගන්නවා
2 months ago2gpl-3.0JavaScript
SL_RAVANA_WHATSAPP_BOT SriLankan Sinhala Whtasapp BOT Written By SL_RAVANA_TEAME With Baileys Which is hosted on Heroku Cloud Server.
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WhatsApee Node version GitHub

Whatsapee is a web based bot for Whatsapp. This project is heavily inspired by bruno222/whatsapp-web-bot

A good substitute till WhatsApp releases their API to the public. However this code is not perfect for production it has a few bugs.

Table of Contents

  1. How to use it
  2. Bot Logic
  3. FAQ
  4. Examples
  5. Todo
  6. Known Issues

How to use it?

  • Clone the repo.

  • Install the latest npm and nodeJS for your platform.

  • Then in repo folder run the following commands

    npm install
    then run
    npm start

  • Signin using QR code and see the bot run your logic, stored in logic.js

Default logic

Have a friend text you this commands: @help or hi bot

Bot Logic

All code goes into the logic.js file WhatsApee has two function that you can use

WhatsApee.start( receiver callback); 

sets the callback for the message handler. It should take three arguments :

  • message : body of message
  • chatElem : chat div element which is used as an identifier
  • title : chat title
WhatsApee.send(chat Elem is like chat id , message to send goes here);

sends message to the chosen element .It takes two arguments :

  • chatElem : chat div element which is used as an identifier
  • message : body of message

Example implementation

const path = require('path')
const WhatsApee = require(path.join(__dirname, 'WhatsApee.js'))
//WhatsAppe.start( receiver callback)

function receiver (message,chatElem,title) {
     //message to lower case
   var lcMessage = message.toLowerCase();
     if (lcMessage.includes("hi bot")) {                  
                 var welcomeMessage = `Hi , hooman`;   
                 //WhatsApee.send(chat Elem is like chat id , message to send goes here)               


So it's possible to create a Bot in Whatsapp Web?

Yes, it is.

Am I going to be banned?

Hum, so you already know that Whatsapp does not allow Bots, right?

Well, you're right: Whatsapp will ban you forever if they discovery you are running a Bot on long-term. For a small test: Don't worry, go forward.

I can't guarantee that you are not getting banned in a long term using this Bot. I really don't think so, but I can't guarantee.

BS! I got banned using yowsup!

Hold on mate, there are kids here.

First, yowsup is a great python library! Simply awesome.

But their problem is: They connect to Whatsapp servers directly, without any middlware. So it is not so hard for whatsapp team to create ban-rules you if you are using yowsup.

I got banned many times in past, so I know, soon or later, you will get banned as well. Is just a matter of time. You can see that I am probably right just looking here, here, here and here.

That's why I did this code. Using whatsapp web, it is almost impossible for whatsapp team to know that you are running a Bot.

But... What are the limitations?

A lot of limitations!

  1. As you are handling DOM direcly, you can't process hundred of messages at once. Yowsup is much better at this subject.

  2. You can't start a message with a unknown person. You can only answer them, mainly because you can't add a new fellow on the Contacts list on Whatsapp Web.

  3. You have to install Whatsapp on your phone, connect it on Wifi and keep it charging all the time. So you have to have a cellphone exclusively for this Bot. You will need a computer with software running as well. But that's the main objective: In order to avoid being detect as a Bot, so you have to play this boring cat-and-rat game.

I think there're some bugs on your code.

Yes, there are.

  1. Your friend can't send @HELP followed of any other message really fast. This Bot only reads the last message. It's a buggy (that can be fixed)

Feel free to fix and PR it.



  • better message detection
  • diagflow AI bot
  • image upload capabilities
  • add support for business accounts

Known Issues

  • Does not work with business accounts

if you like it, starr it

"This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license." GitHub

Made by @updatesvc

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