🔮 ChatGPT Desktop Application (Mac, Windows and Linux)
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🔮 ChatGPT Desktop Application (Mac, Windows and Linux)
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Private ChatGPT Desktop Webview app made with QtWebView.
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Google Bard Desktop Application (Mac, Windows and Linux)
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ChatGPT Desktop Application (Available on Mac, Windows, and Linux)

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This is an unofficial project solely intended for personal learning and research. Since the ChatGPT desktop application was open-sourced, it has garnered a lot of attention, and I want to thank everyone for their support. However, as the project progressed, two issues have arisen that greatly impact its future development:

  • Some individuals have repackaged and sold it for profit.
  • The name and icon of ChatGPT could potentially lead to infringement disputes.

New repository: lencx/nofwl

Live Demo



  • ChatGPT_1.1.0_windows_x86_64.msi: Direct download installer

  • Use winget:

    # install the latest version
    winget install --id=lencx.ChatGPT -e
    # install the specified version
    winget install --id=lencx.ChatGPT -e --version 1.1.0

Note: If the installation path and application name are the same, it will lead to conflict (#142)


  • ChatGPT_1.1.0_macos_aarch64.dmg: Direct download installer
  • ChatGPT_1.1.0_macos_x86_64.dmg: Direct download installer
  • Homebrew
    Or you can install with Homebrew (Cask):
    brew tap lencx/chatgpt
    brew install --cask chatgpt --no-quarantine
    Also, if you keep a Brewfile, you can add something like this:
    repo = "lencx/chatgpt"
    tap repo, "{repo}.git"
    cask "chatgpt", args: { "no-quarantine": true }

If you encounter the error message "ChatGPT" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash. while installing software on macOS, it may be due to security settings restrictions in macOS. To solve this problem, please try the following command in Terminal:

sudo xattr -r -d /YOUR_PATH/


ChatGPT Prompts!

You can look at awesome-chatgpt-prompts to find interesting features to import into the app. You can also use Sync Prompts to sync all in one click, and if you don't want certain prompts to appear in your slash commands, you can disable them.

chatgpt cmd


  • Multi-platform: macOS Linux Windows
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Export ChatGPT history (PNG, PDF and Markdown)
  • Automatic application upgrade notification
  • Common shortcut keys
  • System tray hover window
  • Powerful menu items
  • Support for slash commands and their configuration (can be configured manually or synchronized from a file #55)
  • Customize global shortcuts (#108)
  • Pop-up Search (#122 mouse selected content, no more than 400 characters): The application is built using Tauri, and due to its security restrictions, some of the action buttons will not work, so we recommend going to your browser.


  • The core implementation of the share button code was copied from the @liady extension with some modifications.
  • Thanks to the Awesome ChatGPT Prompts repository for inspiring the custom command function for this application.

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AGPL-3.0 License

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