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Home Assistant Supervisor

First private cloud solution for home automation

Home Assistant (former is a container-based system for managing your Home Assistant Core installation and related applications. The system is controlled via Home Assistant which communicates with the Supervisor. The Supervisor provides an API to manage the installation. This includes changing network settings or installing and updating software.


Installation instructions can be found at


For small changes and bugfixes you can just follow this, but for significant changes open a RFC first. Development instructions can be found here.


Releases are done in 3 stages (channels) with this structure:

  1. Pull requests are merged to the main branch.
  2. A new build is pushed to the dev stage.
  3. Releases are published.
  4. A new build is pushed to the beta stage.
  5. The stable.json file is updated.
  6. The build that was pushed to beta will now be pushed to stable.

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