Build cost spreadsheet for a KiCad project.
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6 days ago63June 29, 202229mitPython
Build cost spreadsheet for a KiCad project.
4 days ago207apache-2.0C++
Fully-featured ICU ventilator design, optimized for manufacture using commonly available components and free to license. Repository tracks all mechanical, electrical and systems design, software, requirements and regulatory documentation.
2 months ago12mitPython
FreeCAD scripts for PCB CAD/CAM
Pykicad49224 months ago6February 02, 201811iscPython
Library for working with KiCAD file formats
Mw Cart25
a year ago
MegaWiFi Cartridge
6 years agoKiCad
An ESP8266 based clock intended for the bedroom. It uses neopixels to light one of 12 segments giving the hour and approximate minutes, and maybe seconds, who knows...
Ecad Models14
2 years ago1
Random 3D models and such for CAD/ECAD
8 years agoKiCad
Software, firmware, and CAD files for mobile EEG project.
Zmote Pcb10
7 years agomitKiCad
schematics,design and gerber files for the zmote widget
2 years agoHTML
Repo for KiCad and FreeCAD project for HackadayU classes
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KiCost is intended to be run as a script for generating part-cost spreadsheets for circuit boards developed with KiCad. KiCost also comes with a graphical user interface in addition to command line.

KiCost is powered by the Kitspace PartInfo API. Partinfo hooks into paid-for 3rd party services. If you find KiCost useful please donate to the Kitspace Open Collective. If Kitspace doesn't receive enough donations then this free service will have to be shut down.



  • Easy installation via pip (see on documentation folder).
  • Processes the BOM XML file from your KiCad schematic to create a part-cost spreadsheet by geetting the price and inventory data of several popular distributors web servers. (You can also enter your own quantity-adjusted pricing data for specialized parts or those not found at the supported distributors.);
  • Processes also BOM files from Altium, Proteus, Eagle, Upverter and hand made CSVs;
  • The spreadsheet contains quantity-adjusted pricing from each distributor for individual parts and the total board;
  • Enter the number of boards to be built in a spreadsheet cell and all the pricing for the total board and individual parts is updated;
  • The spreadsheet also shows the current inventory on-hand for each part at each distributor;
  • Enter the quantity of each part that you want to purchase from each distributor and lists of part numbers and quantities will appear in formats that you can cut-and-paste directly into the website ordering page of each distributor.

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