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Awesome Open Source

Poom's dotfiles configuration.

Hello! Here is my dotfiles, aka my personal configuration of tools I use daily. I hope you like it?

Things I use in this dotfiles.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of everything I used in my personal dotfiles.

  • DotBot as bootstrapper.

  • Neovim as primary CLI editor.

    • LunarVim as primary neovim distribution.
    • NVChad as secondary neovim distribution.
  • Fish Shell as primary shell.

  • Tmux as terminal multiplexer.

  • TBA

How to install this dotfiles locally?

# Clone the dotfiles.
cd ~
git clone
cd dotfiles

# Run the installation script.

Usage with Docker.

Run docker run -it phoomparin/dotfiles on your machine.

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