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A commandline utility for the Enpass password manager.


Go get yourself a compiled binary from the releases page.

CLI Usage

$ # set an alias to easily reuse
$ alias enp="enpasscli -vault=/my-vault-dir/ -sort"

$ # list anything containing 'twitter' (without password)
$ enp list twitter

$ # show passwords of ''
$ enp show

$ # copy password of '' entry to clipboard
$ enp copy

$ # print password of '' to stdout, useful for scripting 
$ password=$(enp pass


Name Description
list FILTER List vault entries matching FILTER without password
show FILTER List vault entries matching FILTER with password
copy FILTER Copy the password of a vault entry matching FILTER to the clipboard
pass FILTER Print the password of a vaulty entry matching FILTER to stdout
dryrun Opens the vault without reading anything from it
version Print the version
help Print the help text


Name Description
-vault=PATH Path to your Enpass vault
-keyfile=PATH Path to your Enpass vault keyfile
-type=TYPE The type of your card (password, ...)
-log=LEVEL The log level from debug (5) to error (1)
-nonInteractive Disable prompts and fail instead
-pin Enable Quick Unlock using a PIN
-and Combines filters with AND instead of default OR
-sort Sort the output by title and username of the list and show command
-trashed Show trashed items in the list and show command
-clipboardPrimary Use primary X selection instead of clipboard for the copy command

Testing Code

$ go test -v $(go list ./... | grep -v /vendor/)

Using the library

See the documentation on

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