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Volume control with on-screen display notifications. Works with any window manager, such as i3wm, bspwm, and KDE, as a standalone script, or with statusbars such as polybar, i3blocks, i3status, and more.

License: GPL v2 build


Read the installation instructions to get started. For a specific usage:


Use your keyboard volume keys to increase, decrease, or mute your volume. If you have a volume indicator in your status line it will be updated to reflect the volume change. When notifications are enabled a popup will display the volume level.

On-Screen Notifications

notify-osd dunst xob
notify-osd notifications dunst notifications xob notifications
XOSD herbe volnoti
xosd notifications herbe notifications volnoti notifications
kosd notifications

Read about notifications for more information.


i3-volume does not require any particular desktop environment and can be used as a standalone script.

Command-line options

Usage: ./volume [<options>] <command> [<args>]
Control volume and related notifications.

  up <value>                  increase volume
  down <value>                decrease volume
  set <value>                 set volume
  mute                        toggle mute
  listen                      listen for changes to a PulseAudio sink
  output <format>             output volume in a supported format
                              custom format substitutions:
                                  %v = volume
                                  %s = sink name (PulseAudio only)
                                  %c = card (alsamixer only)
                                  %m = mixer (alsamixer only)
                                  %p = volume progress bar
                                  %i = volume icon/emoji

                                      "Volume is %v" = Volume is 50%
                                      "%i %v %p \n"  = 奔 50% ██████████
  outputs                     show available output formats
  notifications               show available notification methods
  help                        display help

  -a                          use amixer
  -n                          enable notifications
  -C                          use libcanberra for playing event sounds
  -P                          play sound for volume changes
  -j <muted,high,low,medium>  specify custom volume emojis as a comma separated list
  -t <process_name>           process name of status bar (requires -u)
  -u <signal>                 signal to update status bar (requires -t)
  -x <value>                  maximum volume
  -X <value>                  maximum amplification; if supported (default: 2)
  -h                          display help

amixer Options:
  -c <card>                   card number to control
  -m <mixer>                  set mixer (default: Master)

PulseAudio Options:
  -s <sink>                   symbolic name of sink

Notification Options:
  -N <method>                 notification method (default: libnotify)
  -p                          enable progress bar
  -e <expires>                expiration time of notifications in ms
  -l                          use fullcolor instead of symbolic icons
  -S <suffix>                 append suffix to symbolic icon names
  -y                          use dunstify (default: notify-send)

Environment Variables:
  XOSD_PATH                   path to osd_cat
  HERBE_PATH                  path to herbe
  VOLNOTI_PATH                path to volnoti-show
  DUNSTIFY_PATH               path to dunstify
  CANBERRA_PATH               path to canberra-gtk-play
  NOTIFY_SEND_PATH            path to notify-send or
  USE_NOTIFY_SEND_PY          flag to use instead of notify-send
  NO_NOTIFY_COLOR             flag to disable colors in notifications


Version 2.x to 3.x

Version 3 introduces commands which makes it incompatible with previous versions. Your command-line usage and/or configured hotkeys need to be updated to reflect this.

Change v2 v3
-d is now the down command volume -d 5 volume down 5
-i is now the up command volume -i 5 volume up 5
-m is now the mute command volume -m volume mute
-o is now the output command volume -o i3blocks volume output i3blocks
-v is now the set command volume -v 5 volume set 5
-L is now the listen command volume -L volume listen
-M is now the -m option volume -M Master volume -m Master


i3-volume is capable of working with many other programs. The following lists a few with examples:

Program Note
i3blocks See our example blocklet
xob Requires extra steps for notifications. Guide
XOSD Notifications require the -N xosd option. Example
herbe Notifications require the -N herbe option. Example
volnoti Notifications require the -N volnoti option. Example
KOSD Notifications require the -N kosd option. Example
sxhkd For keybindings with or without i3wm, often used with bspwm. Example


Having a problem? Try reading our common issues or open an issue.


i3-volume is released under GNU General Public License v2

Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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