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Terraform Google Cloud Platform provider
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4 days ago144July 21, 2023139apache-2.0Go
Cloud cost estimates for Terraform in pull requests💰📉 Love your cloud bill!
Terraform Provider Google2,106203914 hours ago90April 06, 20221,450mpl-2.0Go
Terraform Google Cloud Platform provider
Vscode Infracost1,746
a month ago24apache-2.0TypeScript
See cost estimates for Terraform right in your editor💰📉
Terraform Examples527
8 months ago11mitHCL
Terraform samples for all the major clouds you can copy and paste. The future, co-created.
a month agompl-2.0Go
The open-source policy-as-code software that provides analysis for Multi-Cloud and SaaS environments, you can get insight with natural language (powered by OpenAI).
Terraform Google Examples382
4 years ago6apache-2.0HCL
Collection of examples for using Terraform with Google Cloud Platform.
Terraform Google Gke354
6 months ago4August 23, 2021apache-2.0HCL
Terraform code and scripts for deploying a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster.
Terraform Provider Gsuite276
2 years ago8May 21, 202128mitGo
A @HashiCorp Terraform provider for managing G Suite resources.
Terraform Provider Google Beta236215 hours ago16December 01, 202110mpl-2.0Go
Terraform Google Cloud Platform Beta provider
2 months ago12apache-2.0JavaScript
GitHub Action for Infracost. See cloud cost estimates for Terraform in pull requests. 💰📉 Love your cloud bill!
Alternatives To Terraform Provider Google
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Terraform Provider for Google Cloud Platform

The Terraform Google provider is a plugin that allows Terraform to manage resources on Google Cloud Platform. This provider is maintained by the Terraform team at Google and the Terraform team at HashiCorp

This is the google provider, containing generally available features. To use preview features or features at a beta launch stage, you may use the google-beta provider. Refer to the provider versions documentation for more information about how to use google-beta.

Quick Starts

Provider Usage

Please see instructions on how to configure the Google Provider.

Upgrading the provider

The Google provider doesn't upgrade automatically once you've started using it. After a new release you can run

terraform init -upgrade

to upgrade to the latest stable version of the Google provider. See the Terraform website for more information on provider upgrades, and how to set version constraints on your provider.

Developing the provider

This repository is generated by magic-modules. If you wish to work on the provider, you'll need to make changes in magic-modules. Any changes made directly to this repository will likely be overwritten.

For guidance on how to contribute, see our contribution documentation. If you have other development questions we don't cover, please file an issue!

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