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Have you ever wanted to print some pretty bar charts in your terminal? You are in the right place!


Wunderbar can print horisontal bar chart with legend and chart scale straight to your terminal. Or you can use it as a module in your code and get all the building blocks to print chart yourself.

Wunderbar uses partial block characters (▏▎▍▌▋▊▉█) to print the most precise charts possible:


Use in terminal

echo "[1, 2, 3, 4, 5]" | npx @gribnoysup/wunderbar --min 0


cat data.json | npx @gribnoysup/wunderbar --min 0


Use in your code

npm i --save @gribnoysup/wunderbar
const wunderbar = require('@gribnoysup/wunderbar');
const data = require('./data.json');

const printData = () => {
  const { chart, legend, scale, __raw } = wunderbar(data, {
    min: 0,
    length: 42,




  • Wunderbar supports only node >= 6

  • Wunderbar uses chalk.hex to add color to your charts. Chalk is pretty smart to downgrade the color if it is not supported by your terminal, but output may vary in different terminals.


wunderbar(values, [options]) ⇒ OutputValue

Param Type Default Description
values Array<InputValue> Values to draw on a chart
[options] Object Chart drawing options
[options.min] number min value from values Min chart value (inclusive)
[options.max] number max value from values Max chart value (inclusive)
[options.length] number terminal width Chart length
[options.sort] "min" | "max" | "none" | (a: NormalizedValue, b: NormalizedValue) => number "none" Sort method for chart values
[options.randomColorOptions] Object {} randomColor options for color generation
[options.format] string | (a: number) => string "0.00" Value format method. String values are Numeral.js format strings

All options are also supported in the cli version:

echo "[1000, 3000, 5000, 7000, 9000, 11000]" | \
  npx @gribnoysup/wunderbar --min 0 --max 15000 --length 42 --sort min --randomColorOptions '{ "seed": "unicorn" }' --format "0a"



InputValue : { value: number, color?: string, label?: string } | number | string

OutputValue : { legend: string, scale: string, chart: string, __raw: RawData }

RawData : { chartLength: number, minValue: number, minValueFormatted: string, maxValue: number, maxValueFormatted: string, normalizedValues: NormalizedValue[] }

NormalizedValue : { normalizedValue: number, rawValue: number, formattedValue: string, color: string, label: string, lineLength: number, chartBar: string, coloredChartBar: string }



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