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MaxViT: Multi-Axis Vision Transformer (ECCV 2022)

Paper Tutorial In Colab video

This repository hosts the official TensorFlow implementation of MAXViT models:

MaxViT: Multi-Axis Vision Transformer. ECCV 2022.
Zhengzhong Tu, Hossein Talebi, Han Zhang, Feng Yang, Peyman Milanfar, Alan Bovik, and Yinxiao Li
Google Research, University of Texas at Austin

Disclaimer: This is not an officially supported Google product.


  • Oct 12, 2022: Added the remaining ImageNet-1K and -21K checkpoints.
  • Oct 4, 2022: A list of updates
    • Added MaxViTTiny and MaxViTSmall checkpoints.
    • Added a Colab tutorial.
  • Sep 8, 2022: our Google AI blog covering both MaxViT and MAXIM is live.
  • Sep 7, 2022: @rwightman released a few small model weights in timm. Achieves even better results than our paper. See more here.
  • Aug 26, 2022: our MaxViT models have been implemented in timm (pytorch-image-models). Kudos to @rwightman!
  • July 21, 2022: Initial code release of MaxViT models: accepted to ECCV'22.
  • Apr 6, 2022: MaxViT has been implemented by @lucidrains: vit-pytorch 😱 :exploding_head:
  • Apr 4, 2022: initial uploads to Arxiv

MaxViT Models

MaxViT is a family of hybrid (CNN + ViT) image classification models, that achieves better performances across the board for both parameter and FLOPs efficiency than both SoTA ConvNets and Transformers. They can also scale well on large dataset sizes like ImageNet-21K. Notably, due to the linear-complexity of the grid attention used, MaxViT is able to ''see'' globally throughout the entire network, even in earlier, high-resolution stages.

MaxViT meta-architecture:

Results on ImageNet-1k train and test:

Results on ImageNet-21k and JFT pre-trained models:

Colab Demo

We have released a Google Colab Demo on the tutorials of how to run MaxViT on images. Try it here Open In Colab

Pretrained MaxViT Checkpoints

We have provided a list of results and checkpoints as follows:

Name Resolution Top1 Acc. #Params FLOPs Model
MaxViT-T 224x224 83.62% 31M 5.6B ckpt
MaxViT-T 384x384 85.24% 31M 17.7B ckpt
MaxViT-T 512x512 85.72% 31M 33.7B ckpt
MaxViT-S 224x224 84.45% 69M 11.7B ckpt
MaxViT-S 384x384 85.74% 69M 36.1B ckpt
MaxViT-S 512x512 86.19% 69M 67.6B ckpt
MaxViT-B 224x224 84.95% 119M 24.2B ckpt
MaxViT-B 384x384 86.34% 119M 74.2B ckpt
MaxViT-B 512x512 86.66% 119M 138.5B ckpt
MaxViT-L 224x224 85.17% 212M 43.9B ckpt
MaxViT-L 384x384 86.40% 212M 133.1B ckpt
MaxViT-L 512x512 86.70% 212M 245.4B ckpt

Here are a list of ImageNet-21K pretrained and ImageNet-1K finetuned models:

Name Resolution Top1 Acc. #Params FLOPs 21k model 1k model
MaxViT-B 224x224 - 119M 24.2B ckpt -
MaxViT-B 384x384 - 119M 74.2B - ckpt
MaxViT-B 512x512 - 119M 138.5B - ckpt
MaxViT-L 224x224 - 212M 43.9B ckpt -
MaxViT-L 384x384 - 212M 133.1B - ckpt
MaxViT-L 512x512 - 212M 245.4B - ckpt
MaxViT-XL 224x224 - 475M 97.8B ckpt -
MaxViT-XL 384x384 - 475M 293.7B - ckpt
MaxViT-XL 512x512 - 475M 535.2B - ckpt


Should you find this repository useful, please consider citing:

  title={MaxViT: Multi-Axis Vision Transformer},
  author={Tu, Zhengzhong and Talebi, Hossein and Zhang, Han and Yang, Feng and Milanfar, Peyman and Bovik, Alan and Li, Yinxiao},

Other Related Works

  • MAXIM: Multi-Axis MLP for Image Processing, CVPR 2022. Paper | Code
  • CoBEVT: Cooperative Bird's Eye View Semantic Segmentation with Sparse Transformers, CoRL 2022. Paper | Code
  • Improved Transformer for High-Resolution GANs, NeurIPS 2021. Paper | Code
  • CoAtNet: Marrying Convolution and Attention for All Data Sizes, NeurIPS 2021. Paper
  • EfficientNetV2: Smaller Models and Faster Training, ICML 2021. Paper | Code

Acknowledgement: This repository is built on the EfficientNets and CoAtNet.

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