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Unity Standalone File Browser

A simple wrapper for native file dialogs on Windows/Mac/Linux.

  • Works in editor and runtime.
  • Open file/folder, save file dialogs supported.
  • Multiple file selection.
  • File extension filter.
  • Mono/IL2CPP backends supported.
  • Linux support by Ricardo Rodrigues.
  • Basic WebGL support.

Download Package

Example usage:

// Open file
var paths = StandaloneFileBrowser.OpenFilePanel("Open File", "", "", false);

// Open file async
StandaloneFileBrowser.OpenFilePanelAsync("Open File", "", "", false, (string[] paths) => {  });

// Open file with filter
var extensions = new [] {
    new ExtensionFilter("Image Files", "png", "jpg", "jpeg" ),
    new ExtensionFilter("Sound Files", "mp3", "wav" ),
    new ExtensionFilter("All Files", "*" ),
var paths = StandaloneFileBrowser.OpenFilePanel("Open File", "", extensions, true);

// Save file
var path = StandaloneFileBrowser.SaveFilePanel("Save File", "", "", "");

// Save file async
StandaloneFileBrowser.SaveFilePanelAsync("Save File", "", "", "", (string path) => {  });

// Save file with filter
var extensionList = new [] {
    new ExtensionFilter("Binary", "bin"),
    new ExtensionFilter("Text", "txt"),
var path = StandaloneFileBrowser.SaveFilePanel("Save File", "", "MySaveFile", extensionList);

See Sample/BasicSampleScene.unity for more detailed examples.

Mac Screenshot Alt text

Windows Screenshot Alt text

Linux Screenshot Alt text


  • Windows

    • Requires .NET 2.0 api compatibility level
    • Async dialog opening not implemented, ..Async methods simply calls regular sync methods.
    • Plugin import settings should be like this;

    Alt text Alt text

  • Mac

    • Sync calls are throws an exception at development build after native panel loses and gains focus. Use async calls to avoid this.


  • Basic upload/download file support.
  • File filter support.
  • Not well tested, probably not much reliable.
  • Since browsers require more work to do file operations, webgl isn't directly implemented to Open/Save calls. You can check CanvasSampleScene.unity and canvas sample scripts for example usages.

Live Demo:

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