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The CLI interface for Fusion.js

The fusion-cli package is responsible for orchestrating compile-time configuration for server and browser bundles, as well as development, test and production variations. It provides a standardized Babel configuration that includes async/await support as well as stage 3+ Ecmascript features.

Due to the complexity involved in configuring many permutations of configurations, Fusion.js does not support custom webpack.config. This design decision allows Fusion.js to eventually move away from Webpack if faster and better bundlers become available. Additionally, it allows Fusion.js to make changes to the internal webpack configuration without the concern of breaking users customizations. If you run into a situation where you feel you need to make a webpack customization, please reach out to us on slack or create an issue describing your use case.

The CLI is also responsible for hot module reloading in development mode, and for running the web server.


yarn add fusion-cli


The CLI API can be most easily run through the Yarn or NPX CLI, e.g. yarn fusion build or npx fusion build.

  • fusion build [dir] [--production] [--log-level] Builds your application assets

    This command generates transpiled javascript/source map files (aka assets, artifacts) for browser and server. By default it builds development assets, but can also build test and production assets, given the respective flags.

    Build artifacts are stored in the .fusion directory.

    • --production: Build production assets
    • --log-level: Log level to output to console [default: "info"]
  • fusion dev [dir] [--port] [--no-hmr] [--test] [--log-level] [--forceLegacyBuild] Builds development assets and runs the application in development mode

    Note that this command only builds browser artifacts in memory, and it doesn't save them to the filesystem. This allows hot module reloading to occur faster since there's no performance cost due to I/O access.

    • --port: The port on which the application runs [default: 3000]
    • --no-hmr: Run without hot modules replacement
    • --test: Run tests as well as application
    • --log-level: Log level to output to console [default: "info"]
    • --forceLegacyBuild: Force enable legacy build. By default not compiled in dev.
    • --perserve-names: Disable name mangling during script minification

Webpack stats.json file

Building an app generates a .fusion/stats.json file, which can be used with webpack-bundle-analyzer

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