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SAS macros for statistics and graphics

This is a github repository for my entire collection of SAS macros. These were developed over many years in conjunction with my books, The SAS System for Statistical Graphics and Visualizing Categorical Data, as well as various courses I have taught,

You can more easily browse my macros by category and view documentation and examples at

Some of these in this repository were written by others. I simply collected them here, in a single directory, for use as a SASAUTOS variable in my file so I could test and use them.

Please note that:

  • These macros used available SAS facilities at the time of development, mainly base SAS, SAS/IML, PROC G* graphics and the Annotate facility. Some of my graphical methods have been incorporated into new developments in SAS procedures and ODS graphics.

  • I no longer actively support or maintain this macro collection.

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