A cross-platform GUI library for Rust, inspired by Elm
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Iced21,21317018 hours ago18July 28, 2023235mitRust
A cross-platform GUI library for Rust, inspired by Elm
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A cross-platform GUI library for Rust focused on simplicity and type-safety. Inspired by Elm.


Iced is currently experimental software. Take a look at the roadmap, check out the issues, and feel free to contribute!


Add iced as a dependency in your Cargo.toml:

iced = "0.10"

If your project is using a Rust edition older than 2021, then you will need to set resolver = "2" in the [package] section as well.

Iced moves fast and the master branch can contain breaking changes! If you want to learn about a specific release, check out the release list.


Inspired by The Elm Architecture, Iced expects you to split user interfaces into four different concepts:

  • State — the state of your application
  • Messages — user interactions or meaningful events that you care about
  • View logic — a way to display your state as widgets that may produce messages on user interaction
  • Update logic — a way to react to messages and update your state

We can build something to see how this works! Let's say we want a simple counter that can be incremented and decremented using two buttons.

We start by modelling the state of our application:

struct Counter {
    // The counter value
    value: i32,

Next, we need to define the possible user interactions of our counter: the button presses. These interactions are our messages:

#[derive(Debug, Clone, Copy)]
pub enum Message {

Now, let's show the actual counter by putting it all together in our view logic:

use iced::widget::{button, column, text, Column};

impl Counter {
    pub fn view(&self) -> Column<Message> {
        // We use a column: a simple vertical layout
            // The increment button. We tell it to produce an
            // `IncrementPressed` message when pressed

            // We show the value of the counter here

            // The decrement button. We tell it to produce a
            // `DecrementPressed` message when pressed

Finally, we need to be able to react to any produced messages and change our state accordingly in our update logic:

impl Counter {
    // ...

    pub fn update(&mut self, message: Message) {
        match message {
            Message::IncrementPressed => {
                self.value += 1;
            Message::DecrementPressed => {
                self.value -= 1;

And that's everything! We just wrote a whole user interface. Iced is now able to:

  1. Take the result of our view logic and layout its widgets.
  2. Process events from our system and produce messages for our update logic.
  3. Draw the resulting user interface.

Browse the documentation and the examples to learn more!

Implementation details

Iced was originally born as an attempt at bringing the simplicity of Elm and The Elm Architecture into Coffee, a 2D game engine I am working on.

The core of the library was implemented during May 2019 in this pull request. The first alpha version was eventually released as a renderer-agnostic GUI library. The library did not provide a renderer and implemented the current tour example on top of ggez, a game library.

Since then, the focus has shifted towards providing a batteries-included, end-user-oriented GUI library, while keeping the ecosystem modular:

The Iced Ecosystem

Contributing / Feedback

Contributions are greatly appreciated! If you want to contribute, please read our contributing guidelines for more details.

Feedback is also welcome! You can create a new topic in our Discourse forum or come chat to our Discord server.


The development of Iced is sponsored by the Cryptowatch team at

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