Converts RÚIAN data to PostgreSQL database
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Converts RÚIAN data to PostgreSQL database.

What it does exactly?

ruian2pgsql is a command line application. It reads data from RÚIAN XML files and stores them in PostgreSQL database. It does not keep the history records, it just keeps the latest state of all the objects. It is possible to import just one file as well as many files. If one file is imported several times, or in case content of some files overlaps, ruian2pgsql imports all the objects only once (they are tracked by their unique id assigned in RÚIAN).


  • JRE or JDK 7+
  • PostgreSQL server with installed PostGIS or MySQL server (if --no-gis command line switch will be used)
  • Apache Maven 3+ (just in case you want to compile the application yourself)


You are not required to compile the application yourself, you can download latest binary from Anyway, compilation of ruian2pgsql is easy. Once you install Apache Maven, you just need to run mvn package in the root directory of the sources, where pom.xml file is located.


Here is the usage information that ruian2pgsql outputs if run without parameters:

Usage: java -cp ruian2pgsql-*.jar:jdbc-driver.jar com.fordfrog.ruian2pgsql.App <options>

        is JAR file containing database driver (either PostgreSQL or MySQL)
        if enabled, GML strings from the source XML files are first converted to
        EWKT and then stored in database, otherwise original GML strings are
        stored in database (use this option based on the level of GML
        implementation in Postgis version you use)
        if enabled, curved geometries in parsed EWKT are linearized before they
        are stored in database; supported only if the switch --convert-to-ewkt
        is enabled
        creates database tables for the data (if tables with the same name
        already exists, it is first dropped)
--db-connection-url <value>
        is JDBC connection URL, for example:
        if used, debug information are output
--dest-srid <value>
        optional integer identifier of coordinate system to which the geometries
        should be transformed
        processes all specified files but no data are written to database
        if GML definition is not valid, application ignores the definition and
        saves the object without the definition (if this parameter is not
        specified, application throws exception and exits while trying to save
        invalid GML definition, the drawback of this parameter is that it makes
        the import little bit slower because each GML definition is checked
        twice - once during the check and the other time during saving in
--input-dir <value>
        is directory that contains downloaded .xml.gz files
--log-file <value>
        is optional specification of log file (if not specified, log will be
        output to console)
        ignores all GIS information (Geometrie element) in the input XML file
        resets RÚIAN transaction ids so that following data import will update
        all data (data are updated only if new transaction id is greater than
        transaction id that is stored in database - this feature is useful in
        case you want to regenerate your data because of some issue with
        previous import, without deleting all data and starting with fresh
        removes data from all tables

To do

List of planned features is at wiki.


ruian2pgsql is distributed under MIT license.

Where to get RÚIAN data?

ČÚZK - Veřejný dálkový přístup


Version 1.7.1

  • Column okres_kod in table rn_obec and rn_orp can now be set to NULL.

Version 1.7.0

  • Added support for VFR ver. 3.1 (David Pavlíček)
  • Added support for deleting items of all imported tables (David Pavlíček)
  • Added PostgreSQL database schema upgrade scripts for upgrade to version 1.7.0. (David Pavlíček)

Version 1.6.1

  • improved performance when initializing database (Dusan Stloukal)
  • fixed deletion of records in rn_parcela table (Martin Kokeš)
  • updated PostgreSQL driver version (Dusan Stloukal)

Version 1.6.0

  • Added support for OriginalniHraniceOmpv. (Martin Kokeš)
  • Added support for VolebniOkrsek. (Martin Kokeš)
  • Added support for VOKod for AdresniMisto. (Martin Kokeš)
  • Added PostgreSQL database schema upgrade scripts for upgrade to version 1.6.0. (Martin Kokeš)
  • Fixed update of data with regard to the fact that transaction id is not changed on each data update. (Petr Morávek)

Version 1.5.0

  • Added command line switch --linearize-ewkt which enables internal linearization of curved geometries when EWKT is used.
  • Added command line switch --truncate-all which removes data from all tables but prevents the database structure.
  • Fixed problem with database changes not being committed to database when database modification was performed due to a command but no import was performed.
  • Fixed re-creation of database schema when schema is already defined.

Version 1.4.0

  • Added --no-gis command line switch that disables import of GIS data.
  • Added support for MySQL databases if --no-gis is used.
  • Added --dest-srid command line switch that enables on the fly transformation of geometries to a desired SRID.
  • Added support for EPSG::5514 coordinate system when parsing XML files.
  • Prepared statements are now initialized only once and not each time new file is processed.

Version 1.3.0

  • Changed index creation DDL statements to make it compatible with PostgreSQL versions lower than 9.0.
  • Added command line switch --dry-run for running the application without making any modification in database.
  • Added command line switch --convert-to-ewkt which converts GML strings to EWKT before the geometries are stored in database. This is because the level of GML support in Postgis is not adequate to the GML geometries contained in RÚIAN files.
  • Added command line switch --debug which outputs extra information.

Version 1.2.0

  • Added ruian_stats view that displays statistics of RÚIAN data and its geometries.
  • When --ignore-invalid-gml is specified, if invalid GML is encountered, it is printed to the log.

Version 1.1.0

  • Added workaround for Postgis bug (it does not parse MultiPoint with pointMembers and instead saves empty multipoint). The workaround is applied automatically if the target database is affected. Original GML is rewritten so that instead of pointMembers element pointMember element is used.
  • Added command line switch --reset-transaction-ids.

Version 1.0.0

  • first release
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