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This plugin is based on rabbitmq-recent-history-exchange from Alvaro Videla

It has been developed by ShuttleCloud.

This exchange gives you the possibility to set throttling to any exchange. This exchange receives a message and after a time it's delivered to the final exchange. It works as an intermediary

You should set this headers:

  - to_exchange:           The final exchange
  - messages_per_second:   The rate of messages in seconds.

For example:

  - Messages with this headers:
    - to_exchange= services
    - messages_per_second: 0.017
    Delivers a message every 60 seconds to the exchange services.

  - Messages with this headers:
    - to_exchange= endpoints
    - messages_per_second: 0.1
    Delivers 10 messages every second to the exchange endpoints.

It doesn't accomplish the standar erlang convention. Take into account that I'm not an erlang programmer nor rabbitmq committer, I appreciate all reviews and feedback.

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