Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

A collection of Badass modules and utilities to help you level up your NestJS application.

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Package Description Version Changelog
@golevelup/nestjs-common Common types, mixins version changelog
@golevelup/nestjs-discovery DiscoveryModule for finding providers, controllers and method handlers from your NestJS app that have certain metadata version changelog
@golevelup/nestjs-rabbitmq A NestJS native module for RabbitMQ that supports both RPC and Publish/Subscribe messaging patterns version changelog
@golevelup/nestjs-modules A Dynamic Module helper. Useful for configuring once and importing anywhere else version changelog
@golevelup/nestjs-hasura Super charged Hasura Event Handlers and other utilities for seamlessly integrating Hasura with NestJS version changelog
@golevelup/nestjs-graphql-request Dependency Injection for GraphQLClient. Make type safe requests to third party GQL APIs version changelog
@golevelup/nestjs-webhooks Middlewares and helpers for processing webhooks version changelog
@golevelup/nestjs-stripe Stripe client and webhook processing version changelog


Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.


MIT License

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