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NOTE: Python 2.x support ended as of 2019/11/13

Manage NetworkManager connections with dmenu instead of nm-applet


  • Connect to existing NetworkManager wifi or wired connections
  • Connect to new wifi connections. Requests passphrase if required
  • Connect to existing VPN, Wireguard, GSM/WWAN and Bluetooth connections
  • Enable/Disable wifi
  • Enable/Disable WWAN
  • Enable/Disable networking
  • Launch nm-connection-editor GUI
  • Support for multiple wifi adapters
  • Optional Pinentry support for secure passphrase entry
  • Delete existing connections
  • Rescan wifi networks
  • Uses notify-send for notifications if available


  • MIT


  1. Python 3.2+
  2. NetworkManager
  3. Dmenu. Basic support is included for Rofi_, but most Rofi configuration/theming should be done via Xresources or Rofi themes. The Suckless password patch_ is supported if desired.
  4. Python gobject (PyGObject, python-gobject, etc.)
  5. (Debian/Ubuntu based distros) libnm-util-dev and gir1.2-nm-1.0 (you have to explicitly install the latter on Debian Sid)
  6. (optional) The network-manager-applet package (in order to launch the GUI connection editor, if desired. The nm-applet does not need to be started.)
  7. (optional) Pinentry. Make sure to set which flavor of pinentry command to use in the config file.
  8. (optional) ModemManager for WWAN support.
  9. (optional) notify-send for notifications (connected, disconnected, etc.)


  • Copy script somewhere in $PATH OR install Archlinux AUR package_
  • Set your dmenu_command in config.ini if it's not 'dmenu' (for example dmenu_run or rofi). The alternate command should still respect the -l, -p and -i flags.
  • To customize dmenu appearance, copy config.ini.example to ~/.config/networkmanager-dmenu/config.ini and edit.
  • If using dmenu for passphrase entry (pinentry not set), dmenu options in the [dmenu_passphrase] section of config.ini will override those in [dmenu] so you can, for example, set the normal foreground and background colors to be the same to obscure the passphrase. The Suckless password patch_ -P option is supported if that patch is installed.
  • Set default terminal (xterm, urxvtc, etc.) command in config.ini if desired.
  • If using Rofi, you can try some of the command line options in config.ini or set them using the dmenu_command setting, but I haven't tested most of them so I'd suggest configuring via .Xresources where possible.
  • Saved connections can be listed if desired. Set list_saved = True under [dmenu] in config.ini.
  • If desired, copy the networkmanager_dmenu.desktop to /usr/share/applications or ~/.local/share/applications.
  • If you want to run the script as $USER instead of ROOT, set PolicyKit permissions_. The script is usable for connecting to pre-existing connections without setting these, but you won't be able to enable/disable networking or add new connections.


  • Run script or bind to keystroke combination
  • If desired, dmenu or Rofi options can be passed on the command line instead of or in addition to the config file. These will override options in the config file.

.. _PolicyKit permissions: .. _AUR Package: .. _Rofi: .. _Suckless password patch:

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