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Hi there! Thanks for visiting!

This is my personal configuration for my favorite openbox window manager and some applications too. I hope you understand everything here. 😉

Some Notes

Visual Mode

  1. To change the overall theme (mechanical-eyecandy), change it in the "Visual Mode" option in the openbox menu.
  2. Using normal users, for brightnessctl requires user privileges to be a superuser without the sudo command but using this or udev rules.
  3. URxvt extension uses urxvt-perls with xclip for copy-paste (Alt-C | Alt-V) and tabbedex for tabs in the terminal (Ctrl-Shift-T | Ctrl-Shift-W | Ctrl-PageUp | Ctrl-PageDown).
  4. For icons theme I recommend using my Papirus Custom and installing it on /usr/share/icons/ for full compatibility like the icons on dunst, etc.
  5. After installing the font you need to refresh the font cache using fc-cache -r.
  6. To run ncmpcpp with album art and ncmpcpp with album art visualizer, just run it in the app launcher like rofi because I have created a desktop shortcut in ~/.local/share/applications/.
  7. To get the appropriate album art size for ncmpcpp, it is recommended that cover.jpg has a ratio of 1:1 (300px+).
  8. If there is a configuration that using /home/ryk/ instead of ~, change it according to the location of your home directory.
  9. If you experience memory leaks or high memory usage with picom, change the picom backend to 'glx' instead of 'xrender'.
  10. If you want to use zsh as the default shell, here are the steps to install zsh and oh-my-zsh:
    • Arch: sudo pacman -S zsh
    • Debian: sudo apt install zsh
      Set as default shell:
      chsh -s /usr/bin/zsh
      Install oh-my-zsh:
      sh -c "$(wget -O -)"

Environment Details

Items/Components Values/Dependencies
Shell ZSH (Oh-My-ZSH)
DM & Lockscreen SLiM (Blue Sky)
Authentication Agent polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1
Power Manager xfce4-power-manager
Sessions Auto Locker xss-lock
Brightness Handler brightnessctl
Sound Mixer Pulseaudio
Sound Control Pavucontrol
CLI Sound Control pamixer
Network Manager NetworkManager + networkmanager_dmenu
Clipboard Manager Clipit
Screenshot App scrot
Browser google-chrome-stable
Text Editor Geany
CLI Text Editor nano & vim
Image Viewer Viewnior
File Manager Thunar
CLI File Manager ranger
Music Player Audacious
CLI Music Player mpd + mpc, ncmpcpp
Video Player MPV
Graphic Editor GIMP-2.10
CLI System Monitor htop

Credits / Thanks


Licensed under the GPL - see the LICENSE file for details.

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