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Puppet Zabbix7926 days ago32May 07, 2021115apache-2.0Puppet
Puppet module for creating and maintaining zabbix components with puppet.
7 years ago2apache-2.0Ruby
OpenShift Online's Zabbix scripts and monitoring bits
Puppet Zabbix26
11 years agoShell
Puppet module to manage Zabbix
5 years ago12May 30, 20185Ruby
Tools for rationalising Zabbix config with hosts found by MCollective
Ansible Hosts18
9 years agoPython
A MongoDB driven ansible hosts inventory.
Puppet Zabbix11
10 years ago1September 19, 2012Ruby
Not actively developed - A puppet module and report processor for zabbix.
Puppet Zabbix8
8 years ago7agpl-3.0Ruby
zabbix module with focus on using zabbix api to provision zabbix from puppet
Puppet Zabbix7
8 years ago4September 22, 20131otherRuby
Puppet Types and Providers for zabbix
Puppet Sudo Old7
12 years ago
Puppet module to manage sudo
Puppet Zabbix_agent7
a year ago1otherRuby
Puppet module for Zabbix Agent
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This is the zabbix module

It uses vadv/zabbixapi to talk to the JSONRpc API presented by Zabbix, but I am going to change that soon.

It is currently only partially featured - it will install a zabbix server on EL, create hosts and hostgroups.

The Zabbix API is, I apologise for this, not awesome.

The base class will install a zabbix server, using either MySQL or Postgresql as the backend

Example usage for MySQL:

node 'zabbixmysql' inherits default {
  class { 'zabbix': server => true, managedb => true, dbserver => 'mysql' }
  Zabbix_host <<| |>>

Example usage for Postgres:

node 'zabbixpg' inherits default {
  class { 'zabbix': server => true, managedb => true, dbserver => 'postgresql' }
  Zabbix_host <<| |>>

node default {
  # Export a host definition, to be imported by the zabbix server
  @@zabbix_host { $::fqdn:
    ensure     => 'present',
    groups     => ['Linux servers','foogroup'],
    interfaces => [ { type => 1, main => 1, ip => $::ipaddress, dns => $::fqdn, port => 10050, useip => 1 } ],


Apache 2.


[email protected]

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