Server automation framework and application
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42 days ago13March 03, 2014841lgpl-3.0C
UNIX-like reverse engineering framework and command-line toolset
Puppet6,9559,5931133 days ago269August 02, 202234apache-2.0Ruby
Server automation framework and application
2 days ago348lgpl-3.0C
UNIX-like reverse engineering framework and command-line toolset.
Reversinglabs Yara Rules539
4 months ago1mitYARA
ReversingLabs YARA Rules
Csdnblog Security Based285
5 months ago1
Windows Pe Packer177
3 months ago3gpl-3.0C
🗜️ A packer for Windows x86 executable files written in C and Intel x86 Assembly. The new file after packing can obstruct reverse engineering.
Checksec.rs7232 months ago9June 10, 20228apache-2.0Rust
Fast multi-platform (ELF/PE/MachO) binary checksec written in Rust.
99 months ago5May 11, 20182gpl-2.0Python
Fuzzy Hash calculated from import API of PE files
a month ago1Python
Antivirus Signature Search Toolkit
a year ago1mitF#
A repository with simple projects created for testing/learning purpose
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Puppet, an automated administrative engine for your Linux, Unix, and Windows systems, performs administrative tasks (such as adding users, installing packages, and updating server configurations) based on a centralized specification.


Documentation for Puppet and related projects can be found online at the Puppet Docs site.




The best way to run Puppet is with Puppet Enterprise (PE), which also includes orchestration features, a web console, and professional support. The PE documentation is available here.

To install an open source release of Puppet, see the installation guide on the docs site.

If you need to run Puppet from source as a tester or developer, see the Quick Start to Developing on Puppet guide.

Developing and Contributing

We'd love to get contributions from you! For a quick guide to getting your system setup for developing, take a look at our Quickstart Guide. Once you are up and running, take a look at the Contribution Documents to see how to get your changes merged in.

For more complete docs on developing with Puppet, take a look at the rest of the developer documents.


See LICENSE file. Puppet is licensed by Puppet, Inc. under the Apache license. Puppet, Inc. can be contacted at: [email protected]


Please log tickets and issues at our JIRA tracker. A mailing list is available for asking questions and getting help from others, or if you prefer chat, we also have a Puppet Community slack.

We use semantic version numbers for our releases and recommend that users stay as up-to-date as possible by upgrading to patch releases and minor releases as they become available.

Bug fixes and ongoing development will occur in minor releases for the current major version. Security fixes will be backported to a previous major version on a best-effort basis, until the previous major version is no longer maintained.

For example: If a security vulnerability is discovered in Puppet 6.1.1, we would fix it in the 6 series, most likely as 6.1.2. Maintainers would then make a best effort to backport that fix onto the latest Puppet 5 release.

Long-term support, including security patches and bug fixes, is available for commercial customers. Please see the following page for more details:

Puppet Enterprise Support Lifecycle

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