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A curated list of awesome internet services that normally you would have to register for, but due to clever approaches on the part of the service you can use without registering, creating an account and filling endless forms.

See also for a more comprehensive list, probably better.


  • - An elegant kind of pubsub platform that enables you to do notifications from one machine to another, execute custom services when a notification is received, receiving webhooks on a local machine, making a chat app, a job queue, hosting webpages, sharing files.
  • dfeed - An accountless feed reader.
  • and are places to save, update and query any kind of JSON data, to be used in small-scale web apps in general.
  • Tinysheet - Light, mobile-optimized 2×10 spreadsheets that run locally.
  • Franchise - A notebook for SQL: easy charts, compare queries, download and share. SQLite, Postgres, MySQL, BigQuery, XLSX, JSON, CSV.
  • Microlink – Turns websites into data.
  • Flexlists - Simple and free online data tables
  • DataStation - Load data from files or web servers; script in Python, JavaScript, and SQL; and create and download graphs


  • chartd allows img tags to contain response, retina-compatible charts. offers a similar service with many types of charts, graphviz graphs, animated GIFs and QR codes from an URL, works also as a drop-in replacement for Google Image Charts. is specialized in charts and can render some pretty ones, and also QR codes.
  • TinyMonth - Create and share ephemeral calendars.
  • Itty Bitty - Create websites contained entirely on their URLs, share as QR code, tweets etc.
  • and allow you to write and publish articles minimalistically.
  • allows you to publish and manage blog posts and online content just by sending emails.
  • Bitclouds - Get an anonymous VPS instance payable by the hour with satoshis.
  • Seashells will pipe output from a command line to a webpage in real-time and store it (for 1 day). echo 'something' | nc 1337
  • and clbin are pastebins that work from the command line with curl, termbin is similar but with netcat/nc
  • - File sharing from the command line using curl.


  • - Instant spam free HTML form to email.
  • Shick - Instant normal chat rooms.
  • Yap - Instant ephemeral chat rooms in which even the messages are ephemeral, for friends.
  • Jitsi offers instant video chat rooms over webRTC. goes one step further and offers that plus collaborative code editors, document editors and drawable whiteboards.
  • Mailinator, Maildrop, Nada and other disposable email address services allow you to use one or multiple email addresses without registering (everything is public). Emaildrop has even a public API!
  • Kill the Newsletter! - Convert email newsletters into Atom feeds

Development Tools

  • - Get a public URL for a program running on localhost, no installation needed, uses ssh.
  • - A CORS proxy.
  • Beeceptor - HTTP request mocking and intercepting. Fake your API until you have it ready. Also the old Request Bin is now live, with a new, pretty good, UI. Mocky provides a dead simple way to mock/fake API endpoints, while JSONPlaceholder comes up with a set of common-use REST API endpoints with fake data, much like Star Wars API and Pókemon API.
  • - Configure simple and custom domain redirects and URL forwarding with just two DNS records.
  • - Dynamic DNS without logins and over DNS itself (nslookup will update your subdomain), but you still need a password for each subdomain.
  • IP subdomains - Free, instant A record pointing at your public IP address.
  • RoboHash - Generates unique avatars from usernames or any text.
  • - C#, Python, Android and Java online decompiler.


  • Lightning Poker - Play multiplayer no-limit Texas Hold'em Poker online with real satoshis.
  • CoinRebates - Just paste a Bitcoin address, get a link and shop, shop, get the rebate.
  • Kittysplit - Easy splitting of group expenses.



Please contribute! Open a PR and we'll discuss it or merge it. If you're opening a PR, please ensure all formatting is ok.

Criteria for including: the app must be a service, i.e. something that doesn't run in the browser itself, something that provides value that only a remote server can provide.



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