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A curated list of awesome things related to Chart.js



  • bar-funnel - Adds bar funnel chart type.
  • boxplot - Adds boxplot and violin plot chart type.
  • error-bars - Adds diverse error bar variants of standard chart types.
  • financial - Adds financial chart types such as a candlestick.
  • geo - Adds geographic map chart types such as choropleth and bubble map.
  • graph - Adds graph chart types such as a force directed graph.
  • matrix - Adds matrix chart type.
  • pcp - Adds parallel coordinates plot chart type.
  • sankey - Adds sankey diagram chart type.
  • smith - Adds smith chart type.
  • treemap - Adds treemap chart type.
  • venn - Adds venn and euler chart type.
  • word-cloud - Adds word-cloud chart type.


  • annotation - Draws lines and boxes on the chart area.
  • colorschemes - Enables automatic coloring using predefined color schemes.
  • crosshair - Adds a data crosshair to line and scatter charts.
  • datalabels - Displays labels on data for any type of charts.
  • datasource-prometheus - Displays time-series from Prometheus.
  • deferred - Defers initial chart update until chart scrolls into viewport.
  • dragdata - Lets users drag data points on the chart.
  • hierarchical - Adds support for hierarchical categorical scales that can be collapsed, expanded, and focused.
  • regression - Calculate and draw statistical linear, exponential, power, logarithmic, and polynomial regressions (trend lines)
  • rough - Draws charts in a sketchy, hand-drawn-like style using Rough.js.
  • stacked100 - Draws 100% stacked bar chart.
  • streaming - Adds support for live streaming data.
  • style - Provides styling options such as shadow, bevel, glow or overlay effects.
  • waterfall - Enables easy use of waterfall charts.
  • zoom - Enables zooming and panning on charts.

In addition, many plugins can be found on the npm registry.





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