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Monitor your servers, containers, and applications, in high-resolution and in real-time!
Jina19,097134 hours ago2,421July 30, 202315apache-2.0Python
☁️ Build multimodal AI applications with cloud-native stack
Awesome Kubernetes14,249
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A curated list for awesome kubernetes sources :ship::tada:
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Open Machine Learning Course
16 days ago32July 20, 2023268mitPython
Open source annotation tool for machine learning practitioners.
a day ago106August 07, 2023297apache-2.0Python
Containers for machine learning
Fate5,201117 hours ago30April 18, 2022786apache-2.0Python
An Industrial Grade Federated Learning Framework
a year ago85July 18, 20171apache-2.0Jsonnet
PipelineAI Kubeflow Distribution
3 years ago3mitHTML
An in-depth machine learning tutorial introducing readers to a whole machine learning pipeline from scratch.
4 months ago19December 13, 2022125apache-2.0TypeScript
Build data pipelines, the easy way 🛠️
Alternatives To Docker Containers
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Docker Containers For

This repository builds various docker images used for continuous integration for fastai on a recurring schedule defined in this repo's workflow files. You must install Docker before using this project.

These Docker containers are useful for testing scenarios that require reproducibility. Some familiarity with Docker is assumed before using these containers. For a gentle introduction to Docker, see this blog post.

Miscellaneous Resources & Tips

  • Save the state of a running container by first finding the Container ID of your running container with docker ps. After you have located the relevant ID, you can use docker commit to save the state of the container for later use.

  • Mount a local directory into your Docker image so that you can access files that are genearated when you exit your container with the -v flag.

  • Read this blog post.

  • Read this book to dive deeper into Docker.

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