Phishytics Machine Learning For Phishing

Machine Learning for Phishing Website Detection
Alternatives To Phishytics Machine Learning For Phishing
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2 years ago13apache-2.0Jupyter Notebook
Python-based utility that uses supervised machine learning to detect phishing domains from the Certificate Transparency log network.
Evilginx Course113
6 months ago
Repository for uploading all extra resources for students enrolled in Simpler Hacking's Evilginx3 Pro Course
Url Classification98
3 years ago2Jupyter Notebook
Machine learning to classify Malicious (Spam)/Benign URL's
Phishing Website Detection78
a year agoJupyter Notebook
It is a project of detecting phishing websites which are main cause of cyber security attacks. It is done using Machine learning with Python
Malicious Web Content Detection Using Machine Learning71
5 years ago3mitPython
Chrome extension for detecting phishing web sites
8 years agomitJupyter Notebook
Short Course - Applied Machine Learning for Security Informatics
Phishing Detection Plugin42
9 months agomitJavaScript
A lite chrome extension for detecting phishing sites using random forest classifier
Malicious Urlv538
a year ago3mitPython
A multi-layered and multi-tiered Machine Learning security solution, it supports always on detection system, Django REST framework used, equipped with a web-browser extension that uses a REST API call.
Phishing Dataset21
a year agoSvelte
Phishing dataset with more than 88,000 instances and 111 features. Web application available at.
Url Feature Extractor18
5 years agoPython
Extracting features from URLs to build a data set for machine learning. The purpose is to find a machine learning model to predict phishing URLs, which are targeted to the Brazilian population.
Alternatives To Phishytics Machine Learning For Phishing
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