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Malicious URL Detector

Malicious URL Detector visitors


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Updated Application at:

This application is live at

Android application repository URL :


Life is dependent mainly on internet in todays life for moving business online, or making online transactions. Resulting in cyber-thefts and cyber-frauds increasing exponentially day by day, leading to compromised security and infiltration of hackers or third parties while transacting online.

Test Data

Test URL Result (Target) Malicious Legitimate Legitimate Legitimate Malicious Malicious Malicious Legitimate Legitimate Legitimate Legitimate

Installation Guide.

  1. Extract Malicious-Urlv5 zip file.

  2. Inside Malicious-Urlv5 there is a file requirements.txt

  3. Open command prompt in Malicious-Urlv5 folder

    How to install

  4. Type following command in cmd

    How to install

  5. Dependencies will start installing.

    How to install How to install

  6. To run the code, write following command in terminal.

    python runserver

    How to install

  7. Type in URL bar of browser and press Enter. Machine Learning powered Web Application will start.

    How to install

  8. Type a valid URL for example to fetch analysis:

    This is an example of Legitimate URL.

    How to install

  9. Another example of Legitimate URL

    How to install

  10. Another Legitimate URL

    How to install

  11. Example of Malicious Website

    How to install

  12. Another Malicious URL

    How to install

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